AUTOart New Classic Lotus and Toyota! •

AUTOart New Classic Lotus and Toyota!

Two models, each 1:18 scale are new for 2023.  AUTOart is showing off the new Lotus Europa Special “The Circuit Wolf ” Edition.  We’ve seen this model before, no?  Not from AUTOart, was it Kyosho?  They are also spotlighting another new exterior colour of Dark Purple Metallic for the upcoming Toyota Celica Liftback 2000GT (RA25) 1973.  Both of these models are due in January 2023.

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3 Responses to "AUTOart New Classic Lotus and Toyota!"

  1. Philip Kirkman-Page says:

    Yes, Kyosho previously released the pretend Europa from some silly cartoon or other. What a wasted opportunity to make an Autoart standard model of a fantasy, instead of a real car.

    • Giorgio262 says:

      I don’t suppose they’re limited in their licensing of the classic Lotus Europa shape to a specific fictional example, right?
      I expect them to release the Europa in several flavours in the next years. It would make sense.
      I’d love to see a simple S1 one with hubcaps. There’s just something about them.
      Still, judging from the photos attached, this is so much better than the old Kyosho release.
      By the way, I just hope they sell very badly so I can get one as cheap as possible :D

      • Giorgio262 says:

        But those plastic seatbelt buckles… That’s a partsbin special Autoart should really get over with. Would it kill them to put photoetched bits on their models instead?

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