Kyosho New Lamborghini Miura SVR - Yellow/Black •

Kyosho New Lamborghini Miura SVR – Yellow/Black

From Kyosho’s diecast series comes the classic 1:18 scale Lamborghini Miura SVR in never seen before exterior colour Yellow/Black.  The photos show of a near-production sample, currently under final approval.  The release date is scheduled for late January 2023 with a limited release.  Suggested retail $220 US.

Product# 08319GY

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3 Responses to "Kyosho New Lamborghini Miura SVR – Yellow/Black"

  1. Jay says:

    Old, near worn-out mold (witness panel gaps and general lack of finesse on newer re-releases) over-stock of yellow paint (other Lambo recent rereleases) and cost saving (fewer new releases).

    At least yellow and black looks good on this particular model I guess, even if it’s fictional.

  2. kenney bee says:

    For the price they are selling this for a very good buy ,yes its old and a few panel gaps but a good buy

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