AUTOart New Lotus 72E 1973 Emerson Fittipaldi #1 •

AUTOart New Lotus 72E 1973 Emerson Fittipaldi #1

On the heels of the Ronnie Peterson #2 car highlighted earlier this week the team at AUTOart unveils the #1 car, Lotus 72E 1973 Emerson Fittipaldi. This particular replica comes fitted with the driver figurine in the cockpit.  We can’t get enough of these classic racers, they are truly works of art.  The Lotus 72E should be on sale in early Q1 2017.  Suggested retail $170US.

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5 Responses to "AUTOart New Lotus 72E 1973 Emerson Fittipaldi #1"

  1. Shawn says:

    The body panels of this AutoArt seems so plain compared to the Exoto which has the entire fuselage lined with bumps to simulate rivets. That and the Exoto has a well detailed engine.

    With the AA at $170 retail, a better bet would be to put the Exoto version on your eBay watch list. I got a pristine albeit dusty Exoto about a year ago for $150.

    If AA did F1 models only Minichamps offers, like the 1998/1999 McLaren-Mercedes MP-13/MP-14, I’d definitely consider it.

  2. sw says:

    Still not sure if I should get this or keep the exoto. The stance looks quite good to me for some reason

  3. slartibartfast229 says:

    I would be unhappy about the thickness of the wing endplates – front and rear. Thin p/e metal should have been used. I will hold on to my Quartzo which cost me nothing because it had an easily repaired fault……

  4. David says:

    It’s not a die-cast though. It’s plastic!

  5. HI!
    I have 2 EXOTO JPS LOTUS 72s (Fittipaldi – Italian and British GP). This Autoart one would seem to me to compare pretty acceptably . I will definitely get one, since I am an Emmo’s fan and I have no 1/18 173 Lotus !
    This said , WATCH OUT!! : photos show a NASTY DECAL CREASE in the back of Emmo’s helmet. This would not be acceptable and I would insist that – for the asking price – those (few!) decals in place should be flawless!
    By the way, any suggestions for a source of the missing JPS livery decals?

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