AUTOart Wangan Midnight “Black Bird” Porsche 911(930) Turbo •

AUTOart Wangan Midnight “Black Bird” Porsche 911(930) Turbo

Now this is a nice surprise for a Tuesday morning…  AUTOart presents fans of the Japanese animation series another impressive classic, the 1:18 Wangan Midnight “Black Bird” Porsche 911(930) Turbo.  The Porsche looks absolutely sinister on so many levels.  And in fairness to their earlier short-comings with the the RWB 993 this replica features opening parts, and diecast metal based on the beautifully executed 930 platform they presented to us a few years back.  We’re sure looking forward to this one!

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aa_black-bird8 aa_black-bird9 aa_black-bird

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10 Responses to "AUTOart Wangan Midnight “Black Bird” Porsche 911(930) Turbo"

  1. Scott says:

    Just take my money…. finally something interesting

  2. Roberto says:

    Agreed. This looks great!

    Also, DS. Please fix the pop-up window asking for emails, its super glitch. On PC I cant get it to go away and on mobile it scrolls the site all the way down.

  3. Scott The Great says:

    Since I have preorder Akuma Z and this Blackbird is a MUST for some photo session race…..

  4. basile says:

    Wow! haven’t expected something like this from AutoArt

  5. Perry says:

    And diecast too!

  6. Christos says:

    I can’t wait for this fantastic model!!!!!!!!

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