BBR Announces Ferrari GT4 Lusso 2016 •

BBR Announces Ferrari GT4 Lusso 2016

On the heels of the MR Collection article, the team at BBR announces their version of the Ferrari GT4 Lusso.  Four colours have been confirmed, they include: Grey Ferro Metallic, White Metallic Italia, Rosso Corsa 322, and Rosso Fuoco.  Our feature model is the only available photos at this time, it features Rosso Fuoco with Black interior.

bbr_p18129d bbr_p18129d2 bbr_p18129d3

bbr_p18129d4 bbr_p18129d5

Product# P18129 / P18129AV / P18129B / P18129BV / P18129C / P18129CV / P18129D / P18129DV

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