AutoCult Models New September Releases •

AutoCult Models New September Releases

AutoCult is back this model with a new assortment of 1:43 scale models.  We love their out of the box thinking, driving unique, unusual, and just cool looking replicas.  The feature is no exception, welcome the 1939 Mercedes-Benz 230 (W153) Cabriolet Graber.  The remaining three include the 1942 Mathis VL 333, the 1913 Wanderer W3 “Puppchen“, and 1964 Yamaha A5.

About the Mercedes-Benz 230…  “The International Motor Show in Berlin 1939 – from February 17 until March 15 – marked the public birth of the Mercedes Benz Type 230-W 153. Due to the outbreak of World War II in September 1939 the potential success of the new Mercedes in convincing the customers was limited in time. Nevertheless, some car enthusiasts saw the potential of the Mercedes, with a modified car body, to be a real luxury car from the beginning.

The Swiss industrialist Ernst Rufener, owner of a textile company based in Langenthal, also held this opinion. He had the wish for a special design according to his ideas and employed the renowned Swiss company Carrosserie Graber. Rufener envisioned a two-door convertible with four seats. The rear was supposed to resemble the Bugatti Type 57, which was designed by Graber in 1937. A distinctive feature of the French car was its long and pointed rear that also completely covered the rear wheels. The Swiss engineers adopted this design for the rear end of their new car body, whereas the whole front end was designed matching the look of the Stuttgart original. Contrary to the rear-hinged front doors of the standard Mercedes it was decided to mount two large front-hinged doors, which was quite uncommon in 1939. The pointed rear end did not only elongate the car visually but also gave the car the flair of a large sedan. It remained a matter of taste whether an open or a closed top additionally strengthened the long-drawn-out silhouette of the car. The feature to countersink the soft top completely into the car body was also a quite an uncommon at that time. ”

Product# 05010 / 03015 / 01007 / 06030

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