REVIEW: Solido Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic •

REVIEW: Solido Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic

One of the most iconic marquees ever is Bugatti.  Setting the stage long ago for beauty, function, and speed!  Today the reins of the brand are pushed to the limits with the Volkswagen/Audi Group of brands.  Back in the mid-1930’s the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic made an appearance.  Today it is regarded as one of the most beautiful cars on four wheels.  I agree!

In scale, especially in 1:18 the model was produced by Classic Model Cars (CMC) and AUTOart.  Both of these brands carrying a hefty price tag.   I’m not a classic car collector per se, and my collection is hugly populated with sport and supercars of the model era but I do understand beauty, and the one from CMC does reside in my personal collection.

The market was missing an opening price point example.  Who better to implement the missing link other than Solido?  The team has recently released to examples of the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic in 1:18.  Each comes equipped with diecast exterior and access to the interior of the model.  There are two colours, Black with wire wheels and Blue with hubs.  Each will set you back about $67 CND, a far cry from the $400+ from CMC.

Each colour is the focus of the review here.  Note I’m not a historian of the Type 57 or Bugatti for that matter.  The review will focus on the overall execution and value for money.  Though if there are some historical inaccuracies, please point them out in the comments section below.

Other than the exterior and interior colour and wheel design each example is basically identical.  The paint on each is completed well and consistent throughout.  Though I found the Black finish produces a little more wave effect than the Blue.  As for the body lines, the design is very good.  The 50+ photos will help you decide how good each really is.  Note these are not highly edited images, literally both cars are photographed and edited within an hour.

Access to the model is only provided via the doors.  Shutlines and panel gaps are decent on each example.  The rest of the exterior elements are sealed.  Chrome work, rivets and metal elements throughout the models are very good as well.  Each helps elevate the overall impression of the replicas.

The front of the Type 57 SC is crowned with a large grill and sweeping fenders.  The grille is not perforated, though the technique utilized by Solido does mimic perforated/holes well.  Chrome work surrounding the grille is solid too.  Headlights are somewhat disappointing with chrome not as defined as the grille and plastic in appearance.  Also, the headlight glass is a little lacklustre in clarity.

Though the engine compartment is sealed I do like the grille work on each side and Solido’s adaption of hinge work and handles.

The swooping rear is nicely executed.  Rivet work extends from top to bottom with good definition.  Upper access air vents are here but once again sealed.  We have no access to the spare tire area either.  Four taillights are painted in place, definitely a cost-saving element.  The famous six cigar tail-pipes are here too.  Nicely done!  Note the model metal filler cap top left side.

The undercarriage is surprisingly detailed for a budget brand, though nowhere near a CMC piece, the Solido finish product includes a semblance of the front suspension, undercarriage cover and exhaust system.  This is definitely a plus!

In wire design or hub design, I’m very pleased with the craftsmanship of each wheel in our two examples.  Yes, we’re not at CMC level, but at $67CND this is damn good!  Personally, if I had to choose either one my first choice is hubs over wire wheels.

Access to the interior is completed with multiple metal hinges.  The hinge design is definitely different than the original car.  The operation is flawless, but keep the doors closed is little challenging are times.

Inside the interiors are either finished in Black with wood trim or Blue and Beige.  Neither is going to impress the most discriminate collector, but the basic elements of design are here.  Floor and seats are moulded plastic.  Top of seats do include grab bar. There is no interior carpeting present either.  Dash is wood-like in appearance with 3D chrome buttons and levers on the driver side.  The wood-like material extends to the steering wheels and shift knob.

The Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic is an ambitious endeavour for any manufacturer in scale.  What Solido has created here is something really impressive for the price.  They also bring forward two colours and two wheels designs to help easy the choice, though based on retail both would be valued addition to your collection.

This is definitely not high-end, we are not seeing the level of detail of CMC or AUTOart scale piece but once again this isn’t Solido’s market either.  Solido is making it affordable to add a piece of history, an iconic beauty that all car guys and gals can appreciate.  In my opinion, this adds value to the hobby on a whole.  Both pieces come highly recommended.  Enjoy the pics!

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15 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic"

  1. Karsten says:

    Quite good for a budget model, although the difference to CMC is obvious.
    Funnily, Solido have chosen to do the wheels on the two versions vic versa to CMC:
    Spokes for the black, a disc cap for the blue. Creative. I reckon, thus in contrast to CMC they do not depict any particular historical vehicle.

  2. MLB says:

    Definitely budget models, and closer to toys in terms of accuracy. The black version does not correctly model any Atlantic, and the blue version is a fantasy version….. not at all correct for the car they were attempting to replicate. I have never understood why some model manufacturers persist in making “things” like these.

  3. Nero says:

    Looks perfect for the price… and better than completed sealed, but, if you like the model your a going to push the button so.. I dont know why the focus in this kind of cars.. “exotic classic”.. must to make cars more mainstream like Skylne, or the E30 that was a completely sucess..

  4. John says:

    Don’t forget that BoS recently came out with two nice sealed versions. More $ than Solido, but much less that Autoart or CMC.

  5. Scott says:

    Why,what a waste,no brains in that department,just copy and do a cheap model

  6. Karsten says:

    Actually, I wouldn´t completely condemn them.Not everyone can afford CMC, BBR, AUTOart. So budget models are somewhat justifed to enable young collectors in their teens to get started I remember having started at 16 with Maisto and Burago and we all know they were not the most brilliant replicas. Had I turned to a different , more affordable hobby at the time, I probably would not be collectingexpensive models now.

    • DS Team says:

      Absolutely agree. This hobby requires a balance of budget mid and high-end assortments. Solido does great a what they do, budget.

    • Marco says:

      Thank you. I completely agree. Also, there are a lot of people who can actually afford high end models, but they just find the prices extravagant, contrary to common sense. For instance, I have the income, but I would never buy anything from the Exoto website. The only Exoto I have, a nice yellow Shelby, I got it only because a nice seller on ebay gave it up for 200 dollars. I am very happy with my humble Norevs because I love French cars and Mercedes from the 70s.

  7. Nero says:

    Yeah, yes indeed, Bburago make the hobby very much affordable.. I was spending more or less 100€ per model with Hot Wheels Elite, but now with Bburago just 0 bucks, because they dont release any Ferrari in 1:18.. Nonsense

    So very angry with that brand, the best budget brand by far is Welly.. and not so much news from them… and the next Norev, more expensive than Welly but great cars..

  8. JPB says:

    I’m totally agree!
    I also started with Bburagos and Maistos. The first 1:18 scale car I bought with my own money was a Bburago and it cost me 1000 pesetas (the equivalent of 6€); and now I’m lucky to have this beautiful Bugatti from CMC in my collection.
    I also remember when it seemed outrageous to pay 120€ for a Bugatti Veyron from AutoArt, and who would find it now at that price.

    We all have to adapt to our budget, and we can’t expect to start a collection with CMC and BBR.
    A boy of 16 years who buys a car with his pay will have to start with Burago, Maisto, Solido… and as his economy allows it, he will go on to brands of more quality. 

    Regarding the quality of these 2 cars, I think Solido has done a great job. Looking prices on a website: AA 330€, CMC 300€, Solido 40€.

    We are not going to lie anyone, they are not comparable, but for that price I think they are worthy of being in your showroom.
    Everyone can’t afford an AA or a CMC, but if you are starting a collection, this Bugatti can’t miss. (Although if it don’t fit with your theme.)
    If you let it pass, one day you will regret.

  9. There is a real version in black with wire wheels:

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