BBR 1:18 Ferrari F40 Sultan Brunei •

BBR 1:18 Ferrari F40 Sultan Brunei

More F40 goodness comes from BBR in 1:18 scale with resin and sealed-body design.  This is the Ferrari F40 Sultan Brunei.  This unique piece features some custom exterior and interior updates, the most obvious the Gun Metal Grey exterior with the Red pinstripe.  This one is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide.

Product# P18167

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8 Responses to "BBR 1:18 Ferrari F40 Sultan Brunei"

  1. Peter says:

    Also, it’s RHD. And I think it has an automatic gearbox too.

    • Marcel says:

      It is a pretty special F40. Still has the original (manual) gearbox. But is does have a full leather Testarossa interior! So also fully carpeted, A/C, the lot….

  2. Wes says:

    The primer looks nice and smooth. Let’s see what colour they go with

  3. Peter says:

    That’s because BBR has got the colour wrong. The real car is a gun metal grey, not primer grey. Google for Talacrest F40 Brunei and you’ll see. Good catch on the Testarossa interior! It at least has had grey Testarossa seats, allthough I also found pictures of the real one with red F40 seats as well. The BBR has the Testarossa seats.

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