New Colours OttOmobile German Favs •

New Colours OttOmobile German Favs

OttOmobile will re-issue the 1:18 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 55 AMG et BMW Z3 M Coupe 3.2 in two new colours.  Thulite Red Metallic and Phoenix Yellow is fitting for the Z3! Each is due for February 2020 with production limited to 999 pieces of each.  The best part, resin and sealed champs, the price point is 59.90 Euros.

Product# OT866 / OT867

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  1. Veneno says:

    They’re all sold out from Otto’s website, but they only sold 500pcs of each. I assume the rest 499pcs will be distributed to various dealers/shops.

    I was tempted by the Z3, but I wasn’t keen about the interior color. Hope they would release a silver or red one.

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