BBR Ferrari 250 GTO 24H Le Mans 1962 (Dirty end of race) •

BBR Ferrari 250 GTO 24H Le Mans 1962 (Dirty end of race)

Start your engines!  The BBR period piece of the 1:18 Ferrari 250 GTO 24H Le Mans 1962 is labelled as “dirty end of race”.  Model sports the aging scares as she did at the 1962 Le Mans.  The closed light protection adds an element of race too.  The 250 GTO is limited to only 32 pieces, and will set you back around 352 Euro.

About the Ferrari 250 GTO…  “The UDT / Laystall Racing Team Ferrari 250 GTO as driven at Le Mans 1962 by Innes Ireland –  Masten Gregory. The team retired at the 15th hour for electrical problems.  This version has closed light with protection to avoid any damage during the race and it is dirty as after few hours of racing.”

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3 Responses to "BBR Ferrari 250 GTO 24H Le Mans 1962 (Dirty end of race)"

  1. moti says:

    it’s BBR not BRR :)

  2. David says:

    BBR taking liberties here. Car never ran with light covers as shown and for sure it is not end of race as that was in the dark and light covers would have been removed if they had ever been fitted. Look at the period photos of the car in the sandbank during the day. No light covers in evidence. BBR have also screwed up on the LM1962 330TR. They are not doing good research!!

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