BBR Ferrari 375 AM 1955 (Personal Car Gianni Agnelli) •

BBR Ferrari 375 AM 1955 (Personal Car Gianni Agnelli)

Capturing the unique and rare Ferrari assortment, BBR will introduce the 1:18 Ferrari 375 AM 1955, the personal car of Gianni Agnelli.  Initial production is limited to 500 pieces with delivery set for May 2022.

About the Ferrari 375…  “Both Ferrari and Pininfarina, who were just entering a mutually beneficial relationship, wanted to impress each other and the Fiat boss with the creation of the Agnelli 375. The demanding build, resulted in a timeless and striking Ferrari, one that could only be made by the combined efforts of Ferrari, Pinin Farina and Angelli.  As the last 375 America, chassis 0355AL was built to impress, and it did so upon release at the Turin Salon in April 1955. Pinin Farina took extra time to ensure Agnelli’s Ferrari was finely detailed as styled. Unique appointments included a flat, roll-down rear window, large glass sunroof, twin rear flying buttresses, two-tone paint, leaning a-pillars and most distinctive of all, a horizontal grill, unlike any other Ferrari.”

Product# BBR1804

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  1. MRM says:

    This is getting ridiculous, funny, pathetic and entertaining at the same time. And I mean this directed to BBR, not this place.
    I got this model almost five years ago. Mine is number 279/500. And when I ordered it, it was the last one of the 500 available. After my model they were sold out.
    Also, I find it rather idiotic, that “the premier Ferrari model builder” can not get their stories about the real cars together. That’s assuming that the description above was taken from BBR’s site and not concocted by “we”. Because there is almost not a single truth in it.

  2. MLB says:

    I completely AGREE with all that MRM wrote. This ‘Agnelli’ model was one of the very first they produced in their 1:18 resin line!! I believe they produced this longer than five years ago, but since it was a claimed edition of 500 pieces, it did take a while to sell them all, so they were on the market for a fairly long time.

    I’ve commented here previously on this situation with BBR.

    Balestrini (owner of BBR) and Tony K. (Exoto) seem to have gone to the same school for bad business practices and lack of ethics.

    BBR has one of the worst records in the industry when it comes to ethics. For over well over 20 years now, they have been pulling this nonsense and lying about production runs with all of their 1:43 models, and then with their 1:18 models. Their so-called “limited editions” are a joke. All are over produced, can not trust them. BBR is aware of this, so recently – within about the past year – they have deleted their “archives” section from their website, so that you can not see what they have produced before, many times over! I was always surprised that they even had the archives their in the first place since it showed this problem. I guess they finally realized that. And they do always make mistakes with histories of the cars they model.

    Now with all of that said, I do also have to mention that I have 6 of their models in my collection, which I bought knowing that they would do this “con artist” production BS with them, which they did! But I really like the ones I have and have accepted that as far as value, I’ll be lucky if they hold their value since this type of bad business devalues the models & the brand name, and hurts collectors.

    • MRM says:

      Right on the money!!!
      Funny thing is that you mention that you still have 6 of their models…
      I have quite few of their models and more than six of them were purchased as “the last one available” directly from BBR. And all of them have been reissued at least twice since my purchase. This has never bothered me however, as far as the decision wether to buy a model from them or not. How many other people around the world have a model like mine is the least of my concerns. Because I don’t collect my models for anyone else, but myself.
      What I have noticed however is that this does not happen to certain models. Try finding the SP1 for example. Or the Modulo. Or the EC12, 599 Aperta, the Speciale A etc.. They pull this crap almost exclusively with the vintage Ferraris.

  3. Lou says:

    If either of you guys wish to sell/trade for a 375 Agnelli, let me know.

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