Meet George Jetson... Norev New Web Exclusives! •

Meet George Jetson… Norev New Web Exclusives!

The Jetson’s theme song rang through my head at first glance of the latest web exclusive from Norev, this is their 1:12 scale version of Citroën DS 19 Totem 1957 in Black/Champagne exterior.  This is example is static and limited to only 300 pieces.  In 1:18 scale, Norev will action the diecast and full access Peugeot 206 RC 2003 in White.  Production here is limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

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3 Responses to "Meet George Jetson… Norev New Web Exclusives!"

  1. Giorgio262 says:

    Norev being French should take as a point of pride to reproduce in the best detail possible such an iconic car as the DS. By that I mean they should give it a shot at making the DS in the popular 1:18 scale with all 4 opening doors plus boot lid and bonnet, with nice hinges and quality details. I bet they would sell pretty well.

    • Razorblade says:

      I am saying this for years, also I wrote them on social media, but no response. I think it’s a shame there isn’t available 1:18 DS with full openings and lots of detail, the car is an icon and as you said a French icon and Norev is french. I don’t know what stops them of doing it, when they can produce other 1:18 with better detail than their currrent DS offering.

    • George K says:

      . . . and wheels. 4 of them.

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