BBR New Ferrari F40 Valeo S/N 79883 & More! •

BBR New Ferrari F40 Valeo S/N 79883 & More!

This replica of the 1:18 Ferrari F40 Valeo S/N 79883 “Personal car Gianni Agnelli” was announced earlier in the year.  BBR is giving fans a first look at the production sample.  We’re not sure what the differences are over the standard F40.  There has to be some important aspects to the car to be created in scale.  Initial production here is limited to only 300 pieces.  Fans of the classic 1:18 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 1966 can enjoy a new alternative colour of Red.  The production here is limited to only 198 pieces.

Product# P18151GA / BBR1819E

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  1. Atalante says:

    The F40 ‘’Valeo’’ is not new model from BBR. The 1/1 was manufactured exclusively for Gianni Agnelli, chairman of Fiat. It had an automatic transmission fitted because Mr Agnelli suffered a very serious leg injury in a car crash when he was younger.

    • MRM says:

      This is not the first time BBR are pulling stunts like this. They used to offer the model trough their “BBR Store Exclusive” program in a much lower numbers CLAIMED limited edition.
      About the car…..I don’t know how many know, but Ferrari invented the paddleshifter system in Formula1. That is not an automatic transmission! it was a computer controlled clutch, applied by a pneumatic actuator. It is basically a regular stick shift transmission with clutch and all, but the car applies the clutch for you when you pull a lever, because it could do it better and faster than any human. That was in 1989. Ferrari was the first company to offer this type of transmission for a street use, but did not possess the technology to do it in affordable and practical manner until 1997 with the 355 F1.
      What came between 1989 and 1997 was the “auto-clutch option”. This came from Lancia’s rally team, who were using a two-pedal-manual transmission developed by their french clutch supplier VALEO. In 1991 some Ferrari Mondial T models could be ordered with this transmission. The Mondial T was actually the first V8 Ferrari to adapt a new transmission position, which eventually became the norm for all rear engined Ferraris since. This allowed the Valeo system to be adapted to the F40 for Gianny Agneli. It is not an automatic transmission! It retains the exact same transmission as the three pedal cars, except that the clutch is actuated by the movement of the lever.
      This makes this model even bigger gimmick on BBR’s behalf, because visually there is absolutely no difference between a “Valeo car” and a regular production one. Basically, there is no difference mechanically either. It’s electronic differences. With the little exception of the lack of clutch pedal. Something almost impossible to see on a sealed model in 1/18 scale. These cars even had the exact same shifter gates.
      So, my advice would be to get a well taken care of Kyosho model and enjoy all its active features instead of waisting money on this model.

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