Bburago 2021 Catalogue •

Bburago 2021 Catalogue

It’s 2021, and that means a flood on manufacturers’ new 2021 edition catalogue should be upon us soon.  First to market is Bburago, we have the main catalogue and Ferrari publication to share.  If we’re honest, nothing truly exciting with the possible exception of 1:18 Signature Ferrari Monza SP1 in Red.  Enjoy!

Bburago 2021 Catalogue HERE
Bburago 2021 Ferrari Catalogue HERE

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30 Responses to "Bburago 2021 Catalogue"

  1. JamesJ says:

    New year…same recycled rubbish from Bburago. This is beyond tedious and annoying now. Ferrari…what the hell are you playing at? For the love of all things Diecast…give the Ferrari licence to someone else. Really am fed-up!

      • WA7 says:

        Dear Diecast Society, after the Diecast model of the year poll, please could you put up the next Ferrari licence poll. As your website is the go to source for this hobby, could you not contact Ferrari direct and voice our thoughts to them. We as collectors are just fed up with this inadequate and downright appalling show from Bburago. We deserve a great range of diecast models. Ferrari has a magnificent portfolio of historic and modern cars that could be create, yet Bburago are producing the same line of models that they have done since they were awarded the licence. We as collectors need to voice our thoughts to Ferrari otherwise this pathetic and inadequate show from the idiots at Bburago will just continue.

        • DS Team says:

          LOL, we love the passion. I don’t think they’ll listen, as they have more important things to fix, top of mind F1 ranking hahahaha… though we already agreed to post the poll ASAP.

  2. Anthony White says:

    Has Autoart ever done a Ferrari model???

    • SamtheCat says:

      They “tried”. They had a sample of a Liberty Walk 458, and had it announced, but sadly Ferrari people saw it and sent a cease and desist.

  3. Peter says:

    Yes, toys toys for little boys from Bburago again.
    Same on you BBURAGO and Ferrari for to give the licentie to BBURAGO.


  4. TrevorSSS says:

    Bburago are a complete waste of space. They are a complete and utter embarrassment to Ferrari. What on earth is going on and why do they still have the Ferrari licence??????

  5. Snakes says:

    What is the point of Bburago releasing a new catalogue every year seeing that it contains the same trash every year with the addition of another toy for kids. I as one am baffled at why Ferrari decided to give the licence to these clueless bafoons and not to a competent manufacturer like Norev?

  6. danch says:

    the Italian pride dictates buy Italian, (even though Maisto now owns BBurago brandname)

  7. Jonesy says:

    Bburago are absolutely clueless when it comes to anything Ferrari. Waste of space, time and most of all, money.

  8. Archi says:

    Ferrari: OK Bburago, so what exciting new models do you have upcoming in 2021?
    Bburago: None!
    Ferrari: Excellent!

  9. Marcus says:

    For goodness sake, I am fed up to the max of the same tedious junk year in year out for Ferrari!

  10. Chandler says:

    Why Oh Why did we lose the Ferrari contract with Hot Wheels?

  11. JIMMY says:

    Was anyone else annoyed because they put a Porsche Taycan on the cover (and you had hopes for a 1:18 Taycan for a second)?

    Oh well… knowing this company it would’ve probably end up being like 1:19 or 1:20 scale anyway.

  12. Eddy says:

    I don’t bother at all with Bburago, they are a hopeless company who have no plan whatsoever when it comes to Ferrari. They are a complete and utter shambles.

  13. Stan says:

    One thing We must congratulate Bburago on is their consistent inability to produce anything new for Ferrari. Well done Bburago, keep up the dreadful ‘work’.

  14. Hyper speed says:

    Bburago should be swallowed up by a large manufacturer, maybe then the Ferrari licence will be up for grabs. which banana at Ferrari thought it would be a great idea to give them the licence. I can understand thinking…affordable diecast for the masses…problem being, poor quality, poor volume of any new models, complete lack of any kind of desire. When will we see the day when a quality manufacturer is awarded the licence…seems like never!

  15. Hyde says:

    Are we ever going to get a Ferrari Testarossa or a 250TR or a 250LM or a 330 P4 in 1/18 from Bburago? I guess I’m not buying a thing from Bburago this year. Also, I couldn’t care less for the new F1 cars but I would kill for a Ferrari F1 car from the 90´s.

  16. Speedy says:

    Simple equation for all us die cast fans out there:

    Bburago = rubbish!

  17. DerekJ says:

    Bburago is a useless company that has no idea at all. They are an embarrassment to the Ferrari name. The only people that are suffering are us…the customer.

  18. GeraldTypeR says:

    I wonder how long the Ferrari licence runs until with Bburago…hope it is ending soon…good riddance!


    I’m asking if it is so difficult to make 488 pista spider.
    you have the body of regular 488pista, it’s not so far from it..

    no they give us the same model with new color avaiable.

    disagree with this catalogue..

    hope sf90 stradale 1:43 it’s as beautiful as in the image….

  20. N says:

    So no W11? Amazing………Nothing “new” as well…..Just the Roma and a new color for the Pista. Great job guys. Only good thing is that they are cheap.

  21. Roger says:

    I really wish someone else could make the Ferrari’s. PCT (ixo) made good and pretty cheap ones for the magazine series in the past… now only few selected makes short series of good looking Ferrari’s not made by Bburago, but they cost 60 Euro at least


    Hi mates, I want to share with you my opinion about the new sf90stradale 1:43… it’s very very beautiful, finally, Burago set the manufacturing to an appropriate level, I hope they can continue this way, maybe with more than 1 new model in a year… but once again, sf90, for 20$ book price, is a very good item. I’m waiting for the couple MONZA sp1 & sp2, in different colours if it is possible.

  23. N says:

    Anyone got an idea when is the 2022 catalogue coming out?

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