Maisto 2021 Catalogue •

Maisto 2021 Catalogue

In addition to Bburago, we have the Maisto 2021 catalogue to share as well.  New, and definitely brilliant from the team is the new Ford Bronco with variants upcoming in 1:18 scale.  We’re sure they will sell thousands.  Once again, enjoy!

Maisto 2021 Catalogue HERE

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  1. JIMMY says:

    Knowing that Maisto always gets first dibs on new Ford/Chevy products (I.e. every new Mustang/Corvette of the past 20 years, Camaro’s, Ford GT, Bronco, etc).. I am actually surprised they aren’t making a Mustang Mach-E because Ford has been hyping the heck out of that thing! Not that I’m asking for one, but from a marketing approach, it makes sense. I bet they are saving that for next year when they roll out with one new mold per year! :rolleyes:

  2. En Ming says:

    Why don’t you give bburago’s Ferrari License to Maisto. I mean, everyone does not like bburago’s Ferrari. Might have better future for both companies.

  3. Andy says:

    Inquiring if the company will come out with the 2021 C8 Convertible with a high Wing.
    A top that will open and close.

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