Bburago Signature + Ferrari Daytona SP3 - Open Roof •

Bburago Signature + Ferrari Daytona SP3 – Open Roof

Following up on the closed roof version for the Bburago Signature + Ferrari Daytona SP3 we have early pre-production paint samples images of the open roof version, the colour here is noted as Rosso Magna Metallizzato.  Blue interior and Blue calipers mirror the same from the closed version too.  Seems the production version will be available sometime this summer, around July/August.  The question stills remain, has Bburago closed the gap under the Signature PLUS in regards to features and overall details from the de funk Hot Wheels Elite?

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  1. Yaron says:

    The closed version in Rosso Corsa will not have the same interior and caliper colour. It will have beige interior and yellow calipers. I already stated this in your post about that model. This has been confirmed by Carmodel, through whom both the closed Rosso Corsa and open Rosso Magma will be exclusively distributed. Though the closed white spec we saw at the toy fair will as normal be distributed through other wholesalers/retailers as well.

    • Yaron says:

      And also Carmodel has already provided updated pics of the closed Rosso Corsa with correct interior and caliper colours on their website.

    • Tammy Wang says:

      The closed roof version is also offered in blue interior and blue calibers outside of the carmodel exclusive.

  2. Abbiraamn Ravindhran says:

    Looks good enough for me. We are never going to get Ferrari from Autoart so I am ok with this. Great model for the price. I am never going to pay $500+ for a exquisite resin piece if it does not open like a real car, imo.

  3. Tommaso says:

    There is still a big gap between him and the HOT WHEELS 10 years ago, which may be the highest level of Bburago.

  4. Robin Iske says:

    In my eyes, it is still very ugly, and there is no reason why I should buy it.

  5. Kstone says:

    I am pleased with the current Bburago Signatures that I own (488, California and La Ferrari) and they look just fine displayed next to my BBRs, and I am sure I will be just as happy with their take on the SP3. But…..

    The front grill appears to be solid and not mesh. Really? On your new “Signature PLUS” line?? Again, I am sure it will look just fine on display and it would be silly to pay a few hundred dollars for a BBR, but what a real missed opportunity for Bburago to truly kick it up a notch.

  6. DMC says:

    Why can’t Bburago make a single model with the roof that can be removed?

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