Bburago Signature + Ferrari Daytona SP3 - Open Roof •

Bburago Signature + Ferrari Daytona SP3 – Open Roof

Following up on the closed roof version for the Bburago Signature + Ferrari Daytona SP3 we have early pre-production paint samples images of the open roof version, the colour here is noted as Rosso Magna Metallizzato.  Blue interior and Blue calipers mirror the same from the closed version too.  Seems the production version will be available sometime this summer, around July/August.  The question stills remain, has Bburago closed the gap under the Signature PLUS in regards to features and overall details from the de funk Hot Wheels Elite?

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  1. Yaron says:

    The closed version in Rosso Corsa will not have the same interior and caliper colour. It will have beige interior and yellow calipers. I already stated this in your post about that model. This has been confirmed by Carmodel, through whom both the closed Rosso Corsa and open Rosso Magma will be exclusively distributed. Though the closed white spec we saw at the toy fair will as normal be distributed through other wholesalers/retailers as well.

    • Yaron says:

      And also Carmodel has already provided updated pics of the closed Rosso Corsa with correct interior and caliper colours on their website.

    • Tammy Wang says:

      The closed roof version is also offered in blue interior and blue calibers outside of the carmodel exclusive.

  2. Abbiraamn Ravindhran says:

    Looks good enough for me. We are never going to get Ferrari from Autoart so I am ok with this. Great model for the price. I am never going to pay $500+ for a exquisite resin piece if it does not open like a real car, imo.

  3. Tommaso says:

    There is still a big gap between him and the HOT WHEELS 10 years ago, which may be the highest level of Bburago.

  4. Robin Iske says:

    In my eyes, it is still very ugly, and there is no reason why I should buy it.

    • DS Team says:

      Is this the model or the car?

      • Robin Iske says:

        This car is very beautiful, but the model is too ugly, especially the sturdy dog legs.

        • Mike Wiseman says:

          Yes.. exactly. That is why this Ferrari license issue needs to be addressed…lol. collectors and Ferrari both deserve better

          • MRM says:

            This has been discussed ad nauseam and I don’t understand why people can’t understand it. It’s very simple. Both Bburago and Ferrari are businesses and both their decisions make perfect sense.
            The main thing that many refuse to accept is that die cast models fall under toy manufacturing. Therefore the company that holds the license needs to be a toy company. And die cast models are just a fraction of that market. Maisto/Bburago are such a company and so was Mattel before them. These are the only two companies to hold the exclusive Ferrari license since such a thing came into existence. Maisto/Bburago make Ferrari products in the form of anything from baby toys and garage play sets to models in 1:43, 1:24 and 1:18 scales. And all of them are accessible both as price and availability worldwide to pretty much anyone, anywhere. That cost of development to profit ratio would beat the development cost to profit ratio of any high end model out there any given day.
            And here comes the second part of the “issue”. Not only this is what Ferrari deserves, but it is exactly what Ferrari wants! Ferrari is in the business of making cars, not toys. And the only two things they want out off their license are to make the most profit out of it and to get maximum exposure. The exposure they get from various toys for young children and extremely affordable models absolutely dwarfs any result that a high end models catering to collectors could dream of offering. And for the guys that want that high end piece, there are BBR and MR. Both officially licensed, but their product falls under a different license, like sculptures and art.
            I honestly can not think of other companies that can pull off the task, both as market exposure and capital, other than Mattel and Maisto. That’s the reality. My collection is predominantly Ferrari oriented and I feel affected even more than others. But this is how the world works and all we can do is make the best of it. Besides, some of the Bburago models are nowhere near as bad as some people like to make them. Their 458 Speciale is just as good as the Elite one and in some cases arguably better. Their 488 is a fantastic model, which I bought a bunch of at roughly $15 each. Just like their SF90. Their Monza SP1 is great and their signature model displays in my cabinet next to the BBR sealed one and holds its ground without a problem. This SP3 Also looks great. Yes, I would love a better looking photo etched grille in the front, but you can have it. That is, if you are willing to pay five times the price for a model you can’t display with the butterfly doors open. As for the dogleg hinges, I really don’t care, as there is nothing to look at under the front. As far as I am concerned they may as well leave the front sealed.

  5. Kstone says:

    I am pleased with the current Bburago Signatures that I own (488, California and La Ferrari) and they look just fine displayed next to my BBRs, and I am sure I will be just as happy with their take on the SP3. But…..

    The front grill appears to be solid and not mesh. Really? On your new “Signature PLUS” line?? Again, I am sure it will look just fine on display and it would be silly to pay a few hundred dollars for a BBR, but what a real missed opportunity for Bburago to truly kick it up a notch.

    • Giorgio262 says:

      Indeed it looks like they opted for a transparent plastic piece with a mesh pattern printed or tampoed on. Truth be told, I don’t even know if such a shape could be made with a photoetched piece, since it’s both curved and convex.

      But how is this any better then their usual “signature” models?

  6. DMC says:

    Why can’t Bburago make a single model with the roof that can be removed?

  7. NN says:

    Will defo look uglier in real life. They have also upped the prices which is a joke lmao. A bburago F1 model is 90 euros when a Solido that is better is 50….

    • MRM says:

      That is an interesting statement. I went to Target the other day and to my surprise they had Bburago 1:43 F1 cars. Both Mercedes, both Ferraris and both Red Bulls from last season. For $7 and change each. I bought them all. My barber is a big F1 fan ( a rarity in US) and now every three weeks when I see him I bring him one. And he’s super happy. Who else makes these cars and how much do they cost? And where do you buy them? See where I’m going with this…?
      The Bburago 1:18 F1 cars from the ’22 season are $66 online all day. The minicamps ones are $199!
      And then we can talk about inflation and prices of absolutely anything under the sun. Why would you think that models would be an exception?

  8. Panos B. says:

    I got the Rosso Magna metalic red a few days ago. Gorgeous colour, but tricky to paint it right.
    Unfortunately I got a defect model.
    One door is stuck half closed!!!
    The silver “spine” on the engine cover has bad “orange peel”
    And a dent/scratch on the paint above the rear wheel.

    Very poor quality contror by Burago.

    Additionally the red paint is much darker on the front bumper. It is expected to have an accceptable difference, but they didn’t keep it to a tolerable point.

    It’s a pitty…
    “Signature Plus” is a bit of a scam, if the quality control is so poor!!!

    Be careful where you buy it, because now I have to deal with a well known ventor from Italy, which proved to be untrustworthy.
    He doesn’t want to replace it with a good one, or take it back and refund.

    • DS Team says:

      The QC issue is not surprising, they are turning out thousands of these models.

      • Panos B. says:

        Update on the faulty model

        After a few frustrating emails, the ventor offered a replacement.
        He provided a free return post invoice, and I sent it back.
        Almost simultaneously they shipped the new model to me.

        It came with no major faults. There is a small spot from a dust particle on the silver “spine” of the engine cover, though. Nothing to be angry about…

        This candy red metallic colour looks great!!!

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