GP Replicas Expands Car/Figurine Series! •

GP Replicas Expands Car/Figurine Series!

If you are a fan of the driver on the cockpit, GP Replicas has some interesting announcements for the back half of 2023.  Most are featuring the Ferrari badge and legend Gilles Villeneuve with the 312, however, the feature is slotted to the Brabham with Mr. Piquet as the pilot!

GP130AWD – Brabham BT49C Piquet
GPGV01 –  Ferrari 312 T3 Gilles Villeneuve
GPWC001 – Ferrari 312 T Lauda World Champion
GP96BWD – Ferrari 126 C3 Arnoux
GP161DWD – Ferrari 553 Hawthorn

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2 Responses to "GP Replicas Expands Car/Figurine Series!"

  1. Aaron says:

    Too bad they couldn’t expand into Diecast instead of resin

  2. SpeedSpecial says:

    While I am a fan of drivers and machinery, it’s quite hard to render the human form (and fabric driving suits) credibly without the results looking like a cheap plastic dolly. More of the same here I’m afraid. They bring the whole look of the model down.

    Instead of a daft looking action figure glued into the cockpit, I wish companies would instead give us a nicely rendered 1:18 model of the driver’s helmet to display how we see fit (on the roof, sidepod, in the cockpit etc)

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