CMC New 1:12 Horch 853 In-Depth Look •

CMC New 1:12 Horch 853 In-Depth Look

Classic Model Cars is providing an in-depth look at their upcoming 1937 1:12 Horch 853 classic car.  Exterior features Black/Purple Red paint-work, and all the typical CMC craftsmanship one would expect from the brand.  Model is due in 2016, pre-orders are being accepted now.  Please read the official press release below.  Enjoy!

Official Press Release:

The name Horch was synonymous of regal, sophisticated, and elegant design in automobile industry during the 1930s. With the type 853, the Zwickau-based car manufacturer probably introduced its most remarkable model to the public in 1937. A versatile sports-cabriolet with a 5-liter engine, the Horch 853 was the preferred vehicle for industrialists, actors and prominent politicians – in short, the high society.

To this day, the Horch 853 is as fascinating as ever. To do justice to the profound charm of this model, we decided to replicate it in scale 1:12 with an exclusive and attractive two-tone finish in black and purple red. The bigger scale will give us more room to provide a replica of extraordinary charisma, elegance and value that stands out by its meticulous attention to detail and functionality, including a fold-able roof top.  Built from 0.6 mm sheet copper, the hand-crafted body of this model marks a pioneering innovation in model-building industry that we are particularly proud of.

Model Details

– 2.2 kg heavy model, produced in costly handwork
– Body-parts, built with special constructed tools, made of 0,6 mm thick pressed copper plate
– Highly stable metal frame made of accurate formed alum-profiles
– Constant velocity joint rear axle suspended on real metal leaf springs.
– Rotatable rear axle drive shafts with functional cardan joint of metal
– Front axle equipped with transverse lying real metal double leaf springs
– Detailed miniature of the 8-cylinder inline engine with all aggregates, cabling and the “Horch”-writing on the engine
– Twin-wing engine hood with open work airing gills on the side wings. Motions sequence of opening and closing are true to the original
– Doors fastened on originally replicated metal hinges; closing interlock takes place by a spring-loaded pressure pin
– Side windows can be lifted up and down by a crank mechanism
– Radiator grill with by hand drawn-in vertical bars made completely of stainless steel
– Hub caps with ingrained Horch emblem, horn ring, hinges of hood, trumpet horn cover and frame of the wind shield made of metal
– Hub and rim of the wheels made of metal with by hand drawn-in stainless steel spokes
– True to the original replicated bumper with rubber rest
– Sophisticated Interior
– Seats are covered with real and noble leather. Backrest of front seats can be flipped forward
– Carpeted trunk and floor
– Dashboard covered with noble wood imitation
– Dashboard with hand-mounted round instruments with sharply outlined readable scales.
– Swiveling carrier arms
– Functional textile folding top
– Hand painted by the burn-in method for the highest quality and brilliance
– Four attractive paintwork to choose


-The hand built body, made of 0.6mm thick copper plates is a groundbreaking innovation in model building. The single body parts become pressed in forms and soldered at the junctures.  That’s the way the buckling resistant, highly stable but also light model with it`s unique technology sets new, till now never reached quality standards

– The full functional textile folding top represents a novelty in model building. A cleverly designed metal hinge-system allows to open and close the top just as you wish. This possibility even raises the authenticity of that model and it can be presented in two different appearances

cmc_Horch 853 cmc_Horch 8532 cmc_Horch 8533

cmc_Horch 8534 cmc_Horch 8535 cmc_Horch 8536

cmc_Horch 8537 cmc_Horch 8538 cmc_Horch 8539

cmc_Horch 85310 cmc_Horch 85311 cmc_Horch 85312

cmc_Horch 85313 cmc_Horch 85314 cmc_Horch 85315

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