CMR New Ferrari 512 M - Daytona & Le Mans •

CMR New Ferrari 512 M – Daytona & Le Mans

We haven’t heard much from Classic Model Replicars this year but that drought is now over.  New is the 1:18 resin and sealed version of the Ferrari 512 M – Daytona 1971, Blue/Yellow #6, drivers M. Donohue – D. Hobbs – Team Penske Sunoco and Ferrari 512 M – Le Mans 1971, Red/White/Blue #12, drivers S. Posey – T. Adamowicz – Team Team NART.  Based on the exclusive images, it seems CMR has stepped on their game!  Be first to get yours now, visit our site sponsor to order.

Product# CMR013 / CMR017

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4 Responses to "CMR New Ferrari 512 M – Daytona & Le Mans"

  1. Eagle 36 says:

    Wish they had taken the extra effort to reproduce the polished metal look on the Sunoco’s side tubs and nose pieces.

  2. HENRY CHEN says:

    Wish they would also make a presentation (plain color) version of this car.

  3. Peter says:

    Hallo Diecastsociety team,
    I have order mine yesterday and now i have all the Ferrari’s 512 M LeMans 1971 from CMR1/18 in mine collection.
    They are top , thanks CMR. I have also the Ferrari’s 512S from CMR 1/18 in mine collection.(collection is now 250 pièces of Ferrari 1/18.

    My best regards to the diecastsosiety team top site.

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