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DNA Collectibles New Audi RS3!

Fresh off the press is the new upcoming 1:18 Audi RS3 from DNA Collectibles.  This model is based on the 2011 platform.  Two versions will be made available, Misano Red with Grey wheels and Misano Red with Black/Red wheels.  What is really impressive is the grille work on the front fascia.  Note that detailed interior too!  Hey AUTOart, take note!  Pre-order NOW and SAVE!  148 Euros.  Both are due February 2020.

Product# DNA000056 / DNA000042

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4 Responses to "DNA Collectibles New Audi RS3!"

  1. Tomcatters says:

    Oh man… GT Spirit already did that generation and with the same wheels, too!

    I wish they would’ve gone for another generation.

    • Veneno says:

      Actually, the one that GT Spirit made is the 8V RS3, which is the more recent version. This DNA is the 8P RS3, which is basically the first RS3 Audi made.

      • Tomcatters says:

        I stand corrected, really thought GTS also went with that particular model. Still wished they would’ve gone with the current gen model, but then I retract my earlier statement. Thanks for pointing it out.

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