REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Focus RS •

REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Focus RS

This week we continue with another Ford under the microscope, and again the model comes AUTOart.  The car in question is the Ford Focus RS based on the European 2016 platform.  The Focus RS is executed in 1:18 scale and comes from AUTOart’s Composite and Diecast series.  Full 360-access is afforded here.

The Focus RS is powered by 2.3-litre turbocharged inline-four delivers (EcoBoost variant) serious hot hatch performance; 350 ponies and 345 pound-feet of torque.  As for appearance it is far better looking than the immediate competition Honda Civic Type R (a face only a mother can love) and is par with our personal fav in the hot hatch category, the more subtle Volkswagen Golf R.

At the time of review the available assortment of colours included Shadow Black, Frozen White and Stealth Grey, we went with Shadow Black.  Personally, we think the Nitrous Blue will be the most popular of the group.  We have one on order, if time permits, we will share some detailed photos. Getting back to the paint, paint application on our example is flawless from all angles.

As for overall shape and appearance, based on our analysis it is pretty much on par with the 1:1.  Panel gaps and shutlines are excellent throughout the entire piece.  As we mentioned earlier this is a full access replica.

The front of the RS is perfectly detailed with all open, exposed areas completed with metal grilles.  Internal cooling elements are seen in the rear which adds to the authenticity factor.  Admirable work on the “RS” decal completed in photo-etched material and centre “Ford” emblem is on par with a 3D like composition.

Access to the Focus RS motor is permitted.  The operation of the open and close feature is flawless on our sample.  Note the lack of struts supporting the hood, this is accurate and typical of Ford.  For those looking for the added detail, AUTOart does add prop-rod to the mix.  As for the motor specification, it is very good in comparison with the 1:1.  Good use of the colour – especially in the intake filter and related clamps.  A sound complement of OEM badges is found too.

Moving to the rear of the model.  The large upper RS spoiler, as well as the dual exhaust tips, do bag centre stage.  Nice to see the RS logo embedded on each side of the spoiler. Finally, RS decal and Ford badge are quality pieces and mirror the front pair.

Opening the rear hatch is performed without issue.  Strut supports are found on either side. Inside the storage compartment is fully flocked.  What is missing is the definition of the 60/40 rear seat split.  Nothing major.

The optional 10 spoke 19-inch wheels are mated too Blue calipers and solid brake rotors.  Lug nuts are painted chrome and the tires also feature text around the perimeter.  The Blue calipers also feature Brembo decal and the position of each is accurate front and rear.

Interior wise the Focus RS is where the model lacks depth. For one, the Grey/Black interior is very static and lacks the attention to detail within the smaller items – this includes the execution of painted elements within the dash and centre console.  Though credit is due for the textured look on the inner portions of the optional Recaro seats.  Also, Recaro and RS logo do make an appearance in the upper section of the seat.

Another miss is the auxiliary gauge cluster that is part and parcel with the Focus RS experience.  The pod is nowhere to be found as well as the boost, oil pressure and oil temp gauges.  This is a huge miss!  Also, the lack of awareness of the manual shifter/knob.  Why isn’t this defined as it is on original RS?

It’s not all bad.  Access into the interior is provided with all four doors.  The open and close action here is completed without issue.  There is also flocking throughout the interior.  Seat-belts are present front and rear, however, AUTOart continues to execute with a rubber-like material.

The AUTOart Ford Focus RS is a solid contender.  Excellent paint, great overall exterior appearance, and full 360 access make it a desirable piece.  The challenge here is in interior refinement.  It is lacking, well below the exterior appearance.  Missing are a couple of key elements that are vital to the Focus RS experience and the level of refinement of what is presented is definitely falling short based on price point.  AUTOart, take a look at DNA Collectibles’ interiors, this is the level of detail ALL your model should leave the assembly line with.  Nothing less nothing more.

The AUTOart Ford Focus RS will be one of those models that in our belief will excite many outside the hobby and well as in.  If you don’t believe us, we have a friend who has already purchased 13 pieces in various colours for his personal collection and as gifts.  If the Ford Focus RS is on your shortlist, our suggestion is don’t wait too long to secure your desired colour.  Enjoy the pics!

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10 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Focus RS"

  1. Astronat says:

    I suppose this is cool model.
    Sad is that Autoart started to reduce quality (pins in optics, plastic relief carbon in some places on other models).


    Sadly I already bought the OTTO version and probably won’t double up getting another RS with this AutoArt version. But thank you for reviewing this, I enjoy the pics very much.

  3. Ethan says:

    Can I see the focus rs logo on the seat???

  4. David Tabernero says:

    What is sad is the f$$king ridiculous price… 180-200€ ? And maybe more next year, and the next, and the next, and then buying 10 models per year a gift, a real 1:1 car which is cheaper than the miniatures… The model is cool, the hobby is totally stupid today.. (and I loved it, but not now..)

    • Robert says:

      Hey David, I know what you mean. But as far as the price for a Focus RS here in Canada, it’s just as expensive as a loaded Mustang GT, around 62000$. A lot of people here think THAT’s crazy. The ones that were left from 2019 have been heavily discounted. Needless to say, that one is cancelled over here for 2020.

  5. Robert says:

    Ok, I,m not into these pocket rockets even if I drive a Mazdaspeed3 which I love to toss around on curvy roads… But looks wise, I much prefer a Mustang or a Camaro. This being said, This RS looks right on the money, paint finish seems excllent, all the openings look good and tight, wheel and brake detail look good, including tire script. All the bitching for lack of detail under the hood… Anyone opened a hood on a modern car lately? Yes! lots of plastic covers in there, so AA is not that far off here. Others bitching about price? Yes they are getting up there, I chose my subjects more carefully now. I used to buy some nice ones back in the day under 100$CA and even way under that. That’s about 10 years ago and more! A lot of Americans and European now work in China for foreign companies and also for local ones.The chinese employees got to see what westerners earn and want more for themselves too! I think it’s kinda normal… So that is one of the reasons why we have to pay more for a good model. Also, where is Almost Real these days? Weren’t they supposed to kill AutoArt? I’m guessing they’re back at their calculators figuring cost and profit all over again. Good luck, I wish you well, but be realistic next time.

    • DS Team says:

      “All the bitching for lack of detail under the hood”

      We are not. It is actually pretty accurate here. Where it fails IOHO is the interior, it horribly misses keys elements of the RS or lacking fine definition.

  6. Karsten says:

    I have just unboxed my blue RS and compared it to the sealed body Otto version. I hate to admit it, but the resin is not only heavier but much better. The Autoart has gone straight back into the box, first time in my collector’s career.

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