FIRST LOOK: Lamborghini Huracan Evo - Blu Nethuns •

FIRST LOOK: Lamborghini Huracan Evo – Blu Nethuns

We all know AUTOart can execute a Lamborghini replica in scale, the latest venture features the upcoming 1:18 Lamborghini Huracan Evo in Blu Nethuns.  The combination here with a two-tone-like interior and the juxtaposition of Line Green exterior calipers is just aces with us.  If you missed our earlier post on AUTOart’s future releases earlier this year, we present the current colour list for 2022 below.  For those that need to know, yes, this is another composite and diecast pieces by AUTOart.

79211 – Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Nero Noctis
79212 – Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Blu Nethuns
79213 – Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Rosso Bia
79214 – Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Arancio Xanto
79215 – Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Verde Selvans

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  1. Razorblade says:

    Rumour has it, once the diecast hobby is dead, AutoArt will still be producing Lamborghinis, limited edition of the limited edition, then there will be a Liberty Walk one, after it they will produce the whole color range, then we will see an Aventador with different rims, after it we will have an Aventador with the different rims, but in different color. There will be no end, Lamborghini until you start dreaming and have PTSD.

    Jokes aside, but we know there is an STO, you guys know what that means right? MORE LAMBOOOOO, Lambo for breakfast, Lambo for lunch, Lambo for dinner. I am so excited about the upcoming Lambos, hope the Audi… sorry I meant Lamborghini makes more new models, so we can get it in every scale and brand, cos what this hobby lacks is more Lambos right? Who needs different brands and models?

    • DS Team says:

      Poor form. There is nothing wrong with any brand including AUTOart creating the latest Lamborgini car in scale. Unfornuitually the marque doesn’t appeal to all, and that is just fine. What isn’t okay is your negative position.

      • Razorblade says:

        I am sorry if it felt negative it was more on the funny side, what I was trying to say is it won’t harm if the companies start having a more diverse range like model years, class of cars etc. If you noticed lately it’s a craze for SUVs and supercars, be it sealed or composite not only AutoArt, but others too. I get that there are people who like them, but there are also people with different taste, who are being forgotten somehow. Also there are other sportcar brands, not only Lambo who has literally 3 models in it’s entire range, and AutoArt and others keep racing who is going to produce the latest “new” Lambo which is different by the fact that it has new rims, few carbon bits and voila! A new model is born!

        Why not produce a decent version of CLK GTR, SLR McLaren, Cizeta Moroder, Mclaren F1 GTR Longtail, Porsche 962 or 956, Ferrari, F50, F40, 288 GTO. Civilian cars like Mercedes or Citroen DS, SM? I can go on and on. It has to be the obligatory Lambo, followed by a Liberty Walk version, then the real company premieres yet another “limited” edition of a dressed Audi badged like Lambo to milk the pockets of their customers and here we are AutoArt announces a “new” model of the “new” Lambo. And please do not feel offended of my comment, just trying to speak my mind and yes I know there are people with different taste, I don’t want to offend anyone! We need diversity in our hobby like the old days, this way every model will be appreciated and cherished. Peace!

        • Patrick says:

          It’s all about supply and demand. While I’m completely with you on the ‘old supercars’ list, companies like AA know that Lambos (and SUV’s nowadays) are guaranteed sellers. Just look at the GTS CLK GTR. Only now it’s prices are soaring, but it has been on the market for quite a long time after release, which can only be explained by a limited demand. On the subject: the Evo looks evil and I like it a lot (but yeah, another Huracan…)

        • Paul says:

          You Don’t Have To Apologize. You’re Not The Only One Who Thinks That Way. There Are So Many Great Cars Out There Waiting To Be Made But All We Get Are Almost Same Cars Over And Over Again. Heck, I Would Enjoy To See Models Announced By Autoart Like Years Ago. For Example, DBS Superleggera Announced 2 Years Ago Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet. And Why? Oh Right, The Pipeline Is Filled To The Breaking Point With Lambos. We Have Aventador SVJ, SV, S, J, Centenario, Centenario Roadster…. And Of Course, All Possible Variations Of The Huracan. And Now Please Be Excited, Because There Is More To Come. BTW; Remember How This Community Here Trashed The First Huracan Released By Autoart? If Not, Go Find The Review And Take a Look. But Who Knows, This Time Things Might Go Different.
          Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love Lamborghini But I Don’t Feel The Need To Have Them ALL In My Collection. I’d Rather Have More Diversity Instead. So Yes, My Frustration Grows Every Year a Little Bit More.

      • RogerLodge says:

        That was pretty rude to chastise him for playfully making his opinion known, DS Team. I’m not sure how that could have offended anyone since he wasn’t being insulting and I think even hardcore Lambo fans would agree that the market is saturated in modern Lambo variants.

        • DS Team says:

          No, it’s not. It was condensing, nothing more. Our opinion.

          Say what you will about AUTOart and their breadth of assortment or lack of… Without them, this hobby would be quite more static as it stands today.

          • Lykan Hypersutra says:

            And Just Like You People Who Visit This Website Have Their Own Opinions. We Are Not Obligated To Guess And Share Your Opinions On a Certan Matter And We Are Not Here To Stroke Your Egos. Most Of The Time Your Content Creates Positive Feetback But Sometimes Negative. Manufacturers Like AR, Autoart And BBR Are Known For Releasing Same Models In Slightly Different Variations And Some People Don’t Like It. Joking And Complaining About It Is Nothing Unusual IMO.

            This Website Was Build By Collectors For Collectors. That’s What I’ve Been Told. This Is Who We Are, And Not a Defense Force Of Any Manufacturer.

            • DS Team says:

              Expressing an opinion and slamming fellow collectors who enjoy variants of the Lamborghini in question are two different things… It is inexcusable and if you can’t see the difference, we can’t help.


    I will agree with RAZORBLADE absolutely . I am a rather old collector with a collection of about 250 models mainly in 1/18 scale and besides the continuous flow of Lamborghinis , Nissan and the same , I don’t see any manufacturer to reproduce any of the cars of the 60’s up to even mid 70’s whereas , many beautiful but interesting as well cars have been produced (ie. Alfa Romeo sedans , Lancias , Volvos etc) and which are now forgotten.I have some 20 Lamborghini models as well and yet I would love to include the early models of this brand . Hence AUTOART should try to widen their range and not use again and again some already overused molds .

    • Rogerlodge says:

      A lot of us agree about the over saturation of Lambos. I’m glad he shared his opinion. Sad to see him rudely chased off by the mod!

    • DS Team says:

      The likely hood of these niche pieces is today farther and further in between than ever before. The decline has been quite evident for a number of years… AUTOart’s position is driving sell-through and units. With the higher cost of production (that’s another can of worms) we can’t see them investing here, maybe for the odd one-off pieces… Knock on KK Scale, Ottomobile or possibly CMR door, though all these brands are sealed.

  3. Giorgio262 says:

    Given that I’m fine with my sale purchase white Huracan and feel no pressure to buy a different version anytime, I still think this is a nice looking model from Autoart. Nice wheel design. I notice they revised the mould for the dashboard, infact the lower half of the hexagonal air outles on it are now better shaped, and the colour is applied also on the side of the glove box compartment and not only on its main face, as in the early Huracan by Autoart. The door cards are also revised.
    On the other hand, judging by what I can see in the photos, is seems to me like the door panels are straight from the LP610 with the different parts that compose the door handles being reproduced with several levels of indentation, instead of using normal engraved panel lines. The real car has the door handles flush with the body panel so I guess Autoart technique is a bit of a workaround to try and replicate panel lines so thin they risked to be flooded with paint and disappear. Not perfect but acceptable.
    I guess the Huracan will follow the footsteps of the Gallardo and be replicated so many times in so many different variants to the point of being less attractive than the box in which it’s sold.

    I guess I will not go as far as listing the models I’d rather have since new models are usually so expensive I can’t stomach to buy them new at their full inflated prices.

  4. Mike Wiseman says:

    I’ll admit I no longer get excited about Autoart news… aside from a few specific models. Such as the nsx type r (na2) and r35 nismo. I wish some would make a high end full access supra mk4. Kyoshos isn’t that great. It’s value is based more on exclusivity than execution. While I haven’t been a big fan of the composite approach, the criticism of the material is becoming tiresome. It is a beautiful model and they are one of the best in the business at paint application. I however, will continue to express my displeasure in the continued lack of effort on interior. It just looks like plastic…period. Autoart barely tries to replicate alcantara anymore. I’m sure they could do much better at creating the look of basic leather without even trying. While I’m always a fan of two-tone interior, it doesn’t detract from the overall “cheap” look of it. And the clearly visible internal section of the air vents speak for themselves… horrible. For AAs asking prices, they just fall further and further from my radar. Just my opinion

  5. Porsche993 says:

    I got excited seeing this, then I thought about how Autoart can’t even properly install wheels. These guys supposedly give you state of the art tech with the composite material and all the bells and whistles with functioning struts and complex opening mechanisms, but for some reason can’t figure out how to solve their wobbly wheel problem that none of the lower priced brands have.

    • Razorblade says:

      Or the problem where the model sits on 3 wheels only, cos the 4th is in the air, and lack of suspension on most models (which will solve the first problem immediately)…

      • Porsche993 says:

        It really is mindboggling considering my Kyoshos, Minichamps’, even Welly models don’t have these issues. I saw a video on Youtube of a collector from Australia who disassembled spare wheels of a Lamborghini Aventador and basically Autoart molds in a metal anchor (think wall plug) into the plastic chassis and they have a pin that holds the wheel and brake discs into place, making it practically impossible to remove/fix/mod them.

        AA often tries to simulate negative cambers on cars and I bet the workers installing the wheels think they’re neutral, hence the wobbly wheels. *facepalm*

        • Razorblade says:

          Indeed! And what about the positive camber on some of the new compsite models, look at the rear wheels of the Audi Quattro it’s like a dump truck. Saw a bit of positive camber on some of the new NSXs too, also the Jimny has crooked wheels on many fo the production sample photos. I don’t know what to think really, wish they put an effort in this. it’s really frustrating to pay for a high end model that has the wrong stance, or crooked wheels. It may display nice for some, but not me… My AR Defender Support unit’s tires are also poorly fit on the rim which makes it look wierd at some positions, and they are so hard almost plastic like which makes it impossible to fit in the rim. To be honest I feel bad for the chinese workers in the factories after seeing in what kind of condiotions they are forced to work, looks like slave lambor camp. Probably that’s why the assemble of models is not the best, they protest this way. And when the companies tell us how the cost of labor has jumped, and they need better working conditions and usual corporate BS is hard to believe when you see the poor people there. I also don’t believe AA version for introducing the composite/plastic for their models, you can see many companioes who still produce metal and have decent quality. Not to mention that for example if you reproduce classic car you can make it metal, but if you do modern/classic sportscar which is carbon or even kevlar you can do it with the composite, this way it won’t be metal and it is going to resemble the real thing even better… So AA if you read this, consider my proposal, it will raise you as one of the absolute top companies!

          P.S. And again if AA has a more diverse model range and also consider reproducing some of their top sellers from the past it won’t harm, it will only harm the ebay scammers and model flippers, who earn money on AutoArts back!

  6. Sponge says:

    Watch them sell these for 80€ more than the base Huracan which was just as good. I’m sure that’s what is going to happen

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