Fronti-Art New Koenigsegg Agera ML •

Fronti-Art New Koenigsegg Agera ML

One of the latest offerings, again in Koenigsegg is the 1:18 Agera ML in Loke Yellow.  The model is defined as open, however, access is only provided to removable roof and doors.  Retail on this example is north of $900 CND.  For that money, the shutlines should be a lot better!  Folks are easy to criticize AUTOart but let’s get real!

Product# FA019-87

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  1. Vitaliy D says:

    For that money, it should be ideal and provide full access (including the engine)!
    Whereas currently it looks as useless as latest 1:12 from AutoArt (also high price and no access to engine).

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