GT Spirit Audi RS 6 (C7) DTM •

GT Spirit Audi RS 6 (C7) DTM

GT Spirit has unveiled official images of another May delivery, the 1:18 Audi RS 6 (C7) DTM.  Wide-body, roof storage and pretty decals will make this one a fan favourite. And an inspired candidate of the Gumball 3000 and tragic theft story makes it even more desirable.

About Audi RS 6 (C7) DTM…  “In 2015, freestyle skier Jon Olsson decided to create a unique Audi RS6 to participate in the Gumball 3000: a race on open roads that combines luxury, speed and travel. For the occasion, the Swede developed a powerful version of the Audi RS6 Avant. Under its “camouflage” livery, the beast is powered by a 1000hp engine! A fatal beauty that quickly became the object of many people’s attention. Offered in “Uber”, Jon Olsson’s creation received nearly 6,000 requests in a few hours. Unfortunately, during a photoshoot in the Netherlands, the car was stolen and then burned a few kilometres away on a motorway rest area. A tragic end for this unique creation.”

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  1. SamtheCat says:

    As stocked as I am they’re making this car in scale, since I’ve been wanting it for years, it saddens me that once again they decided to ignore all the carbon fiber and just painted it gloss black. If some budget brands included Solido can put tampoed/decal carbon fiber on their models (see the new GT500) why the hell can’t their parent company bother when they’re asking three times as much for their models? It’s like a bad joke…

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