BBR Ferrari 812 GTS - Rosso Corsa 322 (UPDATE) •

BBR Ferrari 812 GTS – Rosso Corsa 322 (UPDATE)

** UPDATE **We added alternative colours for the 1:43 Ferrari Roma.  These are defined as follows Bianco Italia, Rosso Portofino, Blu Roma, Rosso Corsa 322 and Verde Tevere.  Contact BBR or dealer for more information.

An alternative colour for the 1:18 BBR Ferrari 812 GTS is now up for grabs, welcome Rosso Corsa 322.  This resin and sealed example is only limited to 60 pieces worldwide.  She is likely already sold out.  Procrastinators not apply!

Product# P18184B3 / BBRC236B / BBRC236C / BBRC236D / BBRC236E / BBRC236F

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