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Highway 61 Hummer H2 – Entourage

Highway 61 is releasing Hummer H2 Entourage edition.  We’re not sure what makes this Hummer H2 any different than the past Hummer’s released by the brand other than colour.  This model is based on the 2003 platform and features diecast metal exterior with full 360-access.  No word on official release date at this time.

Product# HWY-18015

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4 Responses to "Highway 61 Hummer H2 – Entourage"

  1. John says:

    Sure looks like a lot of those body parts are plastic. Definitely not the old Highway 61!

  2. Steve G says:

    The Entourage edition is from the TV show Entourage, They used a yellow H2 :)

  3. Robert Poudrette says:

    They missed on the grill detail, rear window surround… There is black paint around the headlights and the grill openings on the real hummer and the window frame in the back shouldn’t show through. The original H 61 unit didn’t have those shortcomings and also had tinted window almost all around too. Do your homework GL…

  4. Ondra says:

    Well some details are missing from old Highway 61, but at least its same casting.Rather this that be somewhere on scrapyard.

    What is really puzzling me is, why GL insist on obscure licenses.Why they cannot sold this Hummer as Adventure package, model year 2003.
    Entourage?I never heard of this show, but I know this Hummer from Bad Boys 2.It has bigger role and some nice action.

    And it looks same minus license plate!I suspect that entourage license is dirt cheap rather than Bad Boys .

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