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Ignition Model LB WORKS Hakosuka

The boys at Ignition Model are back with three new exciting classic JDM’s, the 1:18 LB WORKS Hakosuka 2-door will be made available in Red, Silver and Matte Black.  Each looking delicious in it’s own right.  Featuring lowered stance, aggressive camber and host of exterior and interior enhancements.  These should be delivered some time in July 2016. Sooo cool!!!

ig_IG0440 ig_IG0440b ig_IG0438b

ig_IG0438 ig_IG0439 ig_IG0439b

Product# IG0438 / IG0440 / IG0439

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  1. slartibartfast229 says:

    Are we to assume there are no speed ramps (aka sleeping policemen) in Japan?
    I would expect to lose my exhaust system after only a few days motoring here in Ireland!

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