Inspire Model 1:18 Robert Design SP2 BRC •

Inspire Model 1:18 Robert Design SP2 BRC

We finally figured out what our first article from Inspire Model and their RWB inspiration Beetle is all about.  They are fictional cars created by artist 3D Rober Design.  This leads to Inspire Model’s second entry, again, another frictional car from Rober Design the SP2 BRC in 1:18 scale.  Two versions will be offered in various colours, full rear spoiler or duckbill style.  Each model is limited production which is due in August 2021.  Retail about $240 CND each.

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2 Responses to "Inspire Model 1:18 Robert Design SP2 BRC"

  1. spikyone says:

    I don’t get it. As a piece of design they’re objectively pretty poor – they’re a mess of different styles and clashing lines (those vents behind the windows are especially bad). They’re not even as good as the unlicensed rip-off designs used in GTA. Who’s going to waste that sort of money on these?

    • spikyone says:

      Urgh – I’ve just realised this is based on a real VW made in Brazil in the 1970s, not some fantasy concept car. It’s still awful though.

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