iScale New Mercedes-Benz SUV and Sedan •

iScale New Mercedes-Benz SUV and Sedan

For those looking for affordability and above-average execution, look into iScale and some of their latest releases, the 1:18, diecast metal, Mercedes-Benz G63 (W463) and 1:18, diecast metal, Mercedes-Benz S500 (W140),  The Mercedes-Benz G63 has 11 colours/variants to choose from.  In addition to diecast metal, it allows access to the interior and engine bay.  All this for about $104 US.  We highlight the Alien Green, Galacticbeam Lila and Sunsetbeam Orange exterior colour.  Head over to to see the rest or order yours now!  The is found in Azurit Blue and Dark Grey.  However, it is accompanied by a diecast metal exterior with sealed body design.  This one is limited to 750 pieces or less.

Product# 118000000004 / 118000000005 / 118000000037 / 118000000038 / 118000000039 / 118000000041 / 118000000040 / 118000000042 / 118000000044 / 118000000036 / 118000000035 / 118000000047 / 118000000049

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  1. Karsten says:

    Variants of the G63 not mentioned here are a German military police, police, fire & rescue and paramedic first responder versions.

  2. Tomcatters says:

    Hold on, those new Crazy Color versions are NOT openable, they are completely sealed.

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