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KK Scale BMW M1 (E26) Street 1978

KK Scale is launching the BMW M1 street version in 1:12 scale.  If true to form the model should be diecast metal with a sealed-body exterior.  Only 600 units will be placed into production.  Suggested retail about $249US.

About the BMW M1…  “The BMW M1, which was built from 1978 to the end of 1981, was a so-called supercar and is today one of the most iconic young cars from that time. The body of the BMW M1 is built on a tubular frame. Very many parts of the car program of the time of BMW use. An outwardly striking feature is the rear lights used in BMW 6 Series. For BMW atypical was the use of pop-up headlamps, which were necessary because of the then American regulations regarding the lamp height at the aerodynamically flat front.”

Product# KKDC120011

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2 Responses to "KK Scale BMW M1 (E26) Street 1978"

  1. Ev Salin says:

    The model is five times more expensive, and it looks worse than the analogue in scale 1/18 by Norev.

  2. JD says:

    everyone is jumping on the 1/12 sealed car hype these days… i suppose good news for 1/12 collectors since there aren’t that many 1/12 models out there but i just don’t find any of these to be excited about considering the sealed nature.. just a big block of metal or chunk of plastic carved out to look like car LOL

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