Kyosho New April Announcements •

Kyosho New April Announcements

News from Kyosho is a slew of resin releases.  The first and in the feature position is the Samurai 1:18 Lexus LC550 Red and LC550h White.  Suggested retail is $199US each.  With the very capable AUTOart version with opening bits who in their right mind would buy this?  Each is limited to 400 pieces.  The release date is May 2018.

Next, we have a couple of Lamborghini products.  Each is exclusive to North America and Asia only.  Sorry, you European folk!  The first is the 1:18, resin LB WORKS Aventador in Pink.  A limited edition of 500 pieces with a suggested retail of $174US.  The second is the Matt Black Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT.  Man alive the execution of this model is poor.  What is Kyosho smoking as of late?  Truly a shame.  If this model tickles your fancy, 500 will be made with a suggested retail of $174US.

Product# KSR18024R-B / KSR18024W-B / KSR18502CP-B / KSR18505BK-B

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4 Responses to "Kyosho New April Announcements"

  1. Alex says:

    They don’t seem that good anyways.. or at least any better then the AUTOart releases.

    Oh Kyosho, sometimes you’re so silly ;p

  2. Ev Salin says:

    Surely the tooling and other equipment for the production of these models was made up to the news of the release by Autoart. Where’s that going now? Of course, over time, the model will be discounted, as it has been more than once.

  3. spikyone says:

    Those Lambos are both GT Spirit-in-a-Kyosho-box, aren’t they? The GTS liveried version of that Murcielago is pretty dismal. Looks like the prices are much higher than the equivalent GTS versions too.

  4. kton says:

    This is Kysho’s chance to step above Autoart and differentiate themselves and yet they are following in the same footsteps but worse. The world does not need more resin models, let alone models that other makers are already making.

    What a huge wasted opportunity.

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