REVIEW: TopSpeed Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car •

REVIEW: TopSpeed Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car

This next model didn’t create much fanfare.  I would have suspected differently.  I guess people don’t have the same passion I have towards presentation and test vehicles.  Personally, I think they are uber cool!  The model in question is one of the latest offerings in 1:18 scale from TopSpeed, the Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car.  I reviewed their street version back in June 2016.  So if you’re interested in that one, review the link above.

One of the unique features of the Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car is the complete carbon fibre exterior panels, all exposed without a hint of livery.  TopSpeed’s execution is very clean for the most part.  The weave here is very fine and seems to mimic the original car based on images I could find.  There are some metal or photo-etched bits through.  Some include the front aerial, front side suspension tuning ports, gas fill on either side to name a few.

The team is replicated the metal plate surround of the side exhaust ports on either side; though they are not metal the look here is very authentic.  The roofline has two small holes I assume for the roof aerial.  Our example only included one antenna – you won’t see it in the images either it was removed for a cleaner look and street feel.  Shut-lines and panel gaps are on point, but that is usually the case with resin models.

The front of the Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car is very clean in terms of carbon fibre application.  The headlight covers could use a little finesse is the finish department.  Inside headlight detail is good, LED for the beams are clearly defined as well.  The miss here is all intakes are all capped with solid plastic bits.  Perforated would have been preferred and elevated the model form good to great!

The rear features a massive diffuser which is offset and hinged to the underbody.  This allows access to some the internal bits of the transmission and motor.  What is exposed in view is basic in detail.  The rear wing is nicely executed and fits the body fame well.  Taillights are quality items, but the centres and sides cooling are once again solid plastic pieces.

The motor on the Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car is visible through the glass.  Again motor and suspension detail that is visible is average in detail at best.  Not bad but not great either.

Wheels on the replica are really sharp.  Top quality materials were definitely used in the creation of the rotors, calipers, and wheels.  In fact, they are so good they look real.  Let’s go racing!  The tires as the photos will so are marked with the Michelin logos.  Also, the inner side of the rims has the BBS logo in check too.  Nice attention to detail.

I do apologize in advance for the lack of detailed interior photos.  Our basic lighting wasn’t up to the task.  Even with a manual view with a flashlight, the low profile windows make it difficult to capture what’s inside.  From what I can gather the cockpit is nicely detailed for a race car.  Single Sparco racing seat along with detailed steering wheel and dash elements are in check.  Interior cooling apparatus and safely mesh are found too.  Overall a B+ here.

The TopSeed Ford GT 2015 GTE Test Car is one of those pieces you like or hate.  Overall the model isn’t exceptional in refinement.  The missing perforated bits front and rear is something we’ve expressed over many reviews.  If you can live without this, the model for a sealed piece isn’t too shabby.  Shelf presence is definitely found here with the unique shape and sinister exterior look and feel of the carbon fibre finish.  I for one appreciate these oddball variants from the street design.  I think you might too.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Alex says:

    Not so much a fan of the actual car but this quite a lovely looking model! A few sloppy points here and there but overall is good. Though my ‘no sealed body model’ purchase policy means this would be a no go. Maybe if AUTOart made one of these to the same or better standards with fully opening parts then I’d happily spend upwards of $250-$300 on one.

    Good review!

  2. Anthony Wayne White says:

    The same above model…which is the best
    Minichamps or Top Speed

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