Kyosho New Rolls Royce Phantom I •

Kyosho New Rolls Royce Phantom I

Fresh off the press!  Kyosho unveils a classic from Rolls Royce, the 1:18 Phantom I.  Two colours will be offered, they include Black and Green.  Black will feature Red interior while the Green will host Black.  Both models feature diecast metal with opening parts, folding engine cover, functional window deflector (rear seat), accessible box on side step, and removable soft top with both folded and unfolded versions included.  The Phantom I is due Q3 2017.  Suggested retail is set at $249US.

Product# 08931BK / 08931G

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  1. spikyone says:

    Beautiful car, horrible model. That lump of plastic for a grille is ugly, the mechanical masterpiece that should be under the bonnet just seems to be a couple of shapeless mis-coloured plastic blobs, and who the hell thought it would be a good idea to put those white registration plates on it? $249 for a model that’s barely better than the old Bburago Mercedes SSK is a bad joke.

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