Liberty Walk LB Performance Tuner Lamborghinis •

Liberty Walk LB Performance Tuner Lamborghinis

If uber mini scale, and that is 1:64 along with tuner Lambos are your thing, a new collection of Lamborghini models will be available in early February 2020 from Liberty Walk LB Performance.  The selection provides an array of cool colours.  Each will set you back just under $50 CND.

LB700-020 – LB 700 monster (Resin)  999 pcs.
LB700-021 – LB 700 White/Black (Resin) 999 pcs.
LB700-022 – LB 700 Black/Orange (Resin)
LB700-023 – LB 700 Black/White (Resin)
LB700-024 – LB 700 Black/Yellow (Resin)
LB700-025 – LB 700 Black/Red (Resin)

LB640-05 – LB 640 Andromeda (Resin)  999 pcs.
LB640-06 – LB 640 White (Resin) 999 pcs.
LB640-07 – LB 640 Tiffany Blue (Resin)
LB640-08 – LB 640 Red (Resin)

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