Maisto Ford Bronco Badlands •

Maisto Ford Bronco Badlands

Maisto showed us the 1:24 version a few weeks back, today the team provides a glimpse of the 1:18 version of the new Ford Bronco Badlands, this one is displayed with doors off.   Maisto state a few more tweaks and this Bronco will be heading to production. Tweaks include adjusting the exterior Cyber Orange paint.  We can’t wait, it definitely looks great for a budget-friendly brand!

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  1. JIMMY says:

    It’s going into production, but with the wrong tail lights (based on the pictures) as previously pointed out with their 1:24 prototype :(

    One thing to look out for is the scaling. Knowing that the Bronco isn’t a big beast like a Ford F-150 or Hummer, I hope it is in true 1:18 scale.

    All in all, no complaints at this price point, especially if it’s true to scale.

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