Make Up New Lexus LC500 •

Make Up New Lexus LC500

Make Up gives us a first look at their painted hand-sample 1:43 Lexus LC500.  And damn she looks pretty good!  The Lexus LC500 is currently in the approval stage with Lexus corporation, production piece is due later this year.  Three colors are scheduled to arrive, they include: Red, Naples Yellow, and Graphite Black Glass Flake.

Product# EX4001 / EX4002 / EX4003

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  1. Robert says:

    Overall, the styling of this car is not bad, with a sporty long hood/short deck profile, the side glass styling looks good, with nice wide fenders front and back and great looking rims. That’s until you get to the overly complicated busy details. The chrome trim on the roof extending to the rear window looks different and goes well with the profile but the wraparound black trim behind the side windows and under the back glass is unnecessary and mars the profile, the taillights could be simpler and elegant, what’s with the cut line right in the middle of that rear fender?? And that front end… a horrendous front grille with lights that are all over the place. This car’s looks will not age well, unlike the excellent SC400 coupe from the 1990’s. Toyota is really trying hard to make themselves stand out, but being different should look better. They should really examine what went good for them in the past and dig in their legacy. Good scale model though…

  2. Craigj3534 says:

    Agree with everything Robert mentioned. However, when my ES350 (just acquired) comes off lease in 3 years I’m going to definitely consider replacing it with LC500 as a retirement gift to my self!

  3. John says:

    Has anyone announced they will be making the LC500 in 1/18 in blue? I pre-ordered the 1/18 in red from AA but I really am hoping somebody will make it in blue.

  4. Ryan says:

    Hope this gets made as it’s right hand drive as it should be for a Japanese car.

    The AutoArt model is sadly left hand drive.

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