American Excellence and Model Car World are opening the flood gates.  Let’s call it the Easter Week Sale!  From April 14 to April 20 each outlet is offering eight different sales, all in combination.  Shop early for the best assortment.  Each brand and sale is defined below.  Questions or comments, please contact American Excellence of Model Car World directly.  Happy collecting!!!

* 333 x 30% discount on selected diecast cars
* 30% discount on selected F1 models,
* Selected Schuco models significantly reduced
* 50% discount on selected GT Spirit models
* 43 x 43% discount on 1:43 WhiteBox models
* 30% discount on selected welly models,
* Brekina Starmada models on sale
* 30% discount on selected Ixo models in 1:43

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5 Responses to "MASSIVE EASTER SALE!!!"

  1. JD says:

    The sale items fluctuate quickly. Had 4 items in cart just couple hours ago and discounts either disappear or prices gone back up in matters of hours.

  2. Roger Lodge says:

    Thanks! Got the 1/18 Schuco BMW X1

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