BM Creations Suzuki Jimny(JB74) - Bluish Black Pearl 3 •

BM Creations Suzuki Jimny(JB74) – Bluish Black Pearl 3

BM Creations is unveiling the first of many colours of their 1:18, diecast metal, full 360 access Suzuki Jimny(JB74) in Bluish Black Pearl 3.  We understand item may not appeal to the masses worldwide, but it provides a new perspective at a new brand continuing in the tradition of diecast metal with opening parts.   In addition to the metal work, this piece comes with highly detailed undercarriage with some serious articulation.  One thing we noticed, not photos were provided on the engine assembly.  Hopefully, this was an oversight on their part.  Suggested retail $176 US with only 990 pieces going into production.

Product# 18B0007

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6 Responses to "BM Creations Suzuki Jimny(JB74) – Bluish Black Pearl 3"

  1. Vitaliy D says:

    Nice one!
    The engine is shown for the model in Ivory Metallic and Kinetic Yellow:
    Buuut, as we still don’t see here in Europe even already released Almost Real’s AMG GT R, how many years will we wait for this one?..

  2. Dan says:

    Sorry to be picky but it is ‘their’, not there 1:18 model!

  3. Nero says:

    Suggested retail $176 US …. Nothing to do against AUTOART version, even with the composite..

    All the collectors know that despite the Metal, is not as detailed as AA.. BMC just wasting the time..

    In other era, this wont pass from the 90-100€ price-range.. They thought we are just desperate stupid collectors, and all is allowed, for this kind of behaviours of the brands I think the hobby is completely dead.. I can´t desire new items with less quality and expensive than I own.

    Not some much brands like LCD with a reasonable 130€ per model like Range Rover or Velar with that detail..

  4. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    Somehow I feel that the selling point here are the features and mechanisms, some of which you will not get to see when the model is in display. I am sure AUTOart will teach this a thing or two once their version is released.

    A few issues here. The front grille and headlights assembly do not look accurate. The round headlights especially appear too far inset or the grille is too ‘thick’. They also appear a little smaller than it should be.

    The main issue is perhaps the lack of detailing on the round headlights. On the actual car, you can clearly see the projectors. Not the case here.

    Still… I will watch this closely and if the secondary market price is good I will add to my 2-door SUVs collection. :)

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