Matrix Scale Models July Announcements •

Matrix Scale Models July Announcements

There’s a slew of new material upcoming from the Matrix Scale Models group.  Some will filter into stores in August, the entire assortment should be available by the end of November 2016.  Our favorite and feature model is the 1938 Lincoln Model K LeBaron Convertible Sedan crafted in Grey Metallic, just stunning.  Other new models models include:

Bentley 4,25 litre All-Weather Tourer by Thrupp & Maberly Green 1937
Bentley 8 Litre Mayfair Close Coupled Saloon #YX5124 Black/Green 1932
Dodge Firearrow II Concept Ghia-Exner Yellow 1954
Freestone & Webb Continental Sports Coupe on 1933 RR Phantom II Chassis #42PY Maroon
Hispano Suiza K6 Henri Chapron Coach Mouette #16069 Maroon/Maroon 1937
Horch 930S Stromlinie Maroon 1948
Maserati 3500 GT Spyder by Frua #AM101.268 White 1957
Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB Landaulet “Graf von Berckheim” Black 1970

matrix_MX52106-041 matrix_MX52106-041b matrix_MX40201-111

matrix_MX40201-111b matrix_MX40201-131 matrix_MX40201-131b

matrix_MX40803-031 matrix_MX40803-031b matrix_MX41705-141

matrix_MX41705-141b matrix_MX50405-021 matrix_MX50405-021b

matrix_MX50806-021 matrix_MX50806-021b matrix_MX51302-101

matrix_MX51302-101b matrix_MX51311-021 matrix_MX51311-021b

Product# MX40201-131 / MX50806-021 / MX51302-101 / MX40201-111 / MX40803-031 / MX41705-141 / MX50405-021 / MX51311-021

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  1. JS Coleman says:

    What scale, sorry?

  2. emeff says:

    They look quite small – maybe 1/43 or smaller.

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