Model Car World Easter Blow-Out Sale!!! •

Model Car World Easter Blow-Out Sale!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Our friends at Model Car World are celebrating the holiday with a seasonal sale. From April 1, 2018, to April 7, 2018, save big on a massive selection of brands. No coupon code required, saving will show/apply at POS when logged with your account. Shop early!

* 25 % Discount on selected BoS Models (1:18 and 1:43)
* 30 % Discount on selected Brooklin Models
* 40% Discount on selected models in scale 1:43
* 40% Discount on 150 different models in all scales
* 40% Discount on 700 different models in scale 1:87
* 50 % Discount on selected GTI Collection
* 30 % Discount on selected GT SPIRIT Models
* 30 % Discount on selected IXO and PremiumX Models
* All Pinder Models reduced
* 50 % Discount on selected SSM Models

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1 Response to "Model Car World Easter Blow-Out Sale!!!"

  1. josh says:

    Dont bother unless you collect 1/43 as there is virtually nothing on the list of 800+ models that is not 1/43. Total waste of time. On a side note, who the hell wastes their money on 1/43? After looking at over 700 of them while going through this same list (albeit on American excellence, which is of course the same company) I have to say 1/43rd scale models are awful. Most cars just cannot be scaled down 43 times and maintain anything close to reality of the 1/1. I have seen hot wheels for a buck at walmart that looked better than most of these 30+ dollar 1/43 models. No wonder they are all on sale!

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