New NZG 1:18 Scania Trucks •

New NZG 1:18 Scania Trucks

It may be of niche interest, but for anyone who did not get a Mercedes Actros or would wish for a different truck brand, NZG are now offering a 1:18 Scania V8 730 S truck, either just the head tractor in black or white or in a package with the Lohr open car carrier. One version representing the blue livery of German Car Logistics company Mosolf comes exclusively in the car carrier combination.  What´s cool here is that NZG also offers an accessory set to add chrome bars.

Any car carrier is a cool addition to any 1:18 collection and, ironically, if you can give such a behemoth enough space horizontally, it can turn out to be a space-saving way to display what would otherwise occupy an entire IKEA Detolf display case of models vertically.

Product# 10192 / 1019/51 / 1019/40 / 1026/51 / 1026/40 / 1026/01

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4 Responses to "New NZG 1:18 Scania Trucks"

  1. flathead says:

    I like it a lot! Unlimited possibilities for cab and trailer choices.

  2. Alvin F Brokenborough Sr says:

    I like the model. However, were can you buy the trailer. Everyone talks about it, however there is no place to BUY. Is it a secret?

    • Karsten says:

      Hello, Sir, the model might be a little evasive, as it sells really well, but first research this morning showed available specimens, at least here in Germany. I am happy to assist in buying one if you allow me via my private website´s contact form: Where are you located, do you already have a head tractor or do you wish to buy not only the trailer, but a trailer-tractor-combination (with which tractor)? Be advised that the trailer can only be fitted with an NZG tractor to my knowledge. But I could check with NZG if that has been changed in more recent models.

    • Karsten says:

      If you cannot find a retailer anywhere near you, you can always buy directly from the manufacturer:

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