New Player AutoBarn 1:18 Liberty Walk Porsche 911 (997) •

New Player AutoBarn 1:18 Liberty Walk Porsche 911 (997)

There’s a new player in town, AutoBarn Models.  Their slick line of performance and tuner scale models are sure to turn some heads.  With the latest bandwagon hopping craze of RWB and LB tuner creations it is only fitting a Liberty Walk 997 is added to the fold.  This isn’t their first foray in scale, we believe their first official release was of the LB Maserati.  The theme there focused on stance, camber and vivid colours, much the same as the Porsche 997.

A total of six colors will be issued,  and a few variants too, a total of eight versions.  Each piece is showcased within gift box packaging, imitation leather base and display box with limited edition badging.

POR-LB01-A – 30pcs Matt Light Gray Extinction Light Gray/Fighting Gray
POR-LB01-C – 35pcs Matt Dark Gray Extinction Dark Gray
POR-LB02-B – 10pcs Matt Baby Blue
POR-LB02-D – 50pcs Gloss Baby Blue
POR-LB03-A – 50pcs Orange Orange
POR-LB04-A – 45pcs White White
POR-LB05-A – 40pcs Flash Pink Electro-powder
POR-LB06-A – 40pcs Tiffany Blue

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8 Responses to "New Player AutoBarn 1:18 Liberty Walk Porsche 911 (997)"

  1. spikyone says:

    They released some Jaguar XJR12 models before the Maserati in various liveries and with subtle differences to reflect the real cars. I don’t know whether the Jags were their first though. From discussions it looked like the Jaguars were made by TSM and sold under the AB Models banner. The Jags appeared on TSM’s stand at Nuremberg in 2016.

    I bought the Le Mans winning Jag, and it was OK. There were places where it could have been better – for an expensive resin (£170ish), it was not up to the standard of a far cheaper Spark, in places I’d go as far as saying it’s a bit crude. But since no-one else has made the XJR12 in 1/18 it was the only choice. On the plus side, the packaging and numbered base was nice, and from photos I’ve seen the Maserati looked to be a better model, so they’re moving in the right direction.

  2. anonymous says:

    The AutoBarn Maserati LBs apparently had a lot of problems after shipping. A lot of the models had major cracks in the body/roof. Not sure if it was a QC problem or poor packing prior to shipping?

  3. Davide says:

    Made by looksmart, the LB 458 as well as the LB Maserati.
    Looksmart hides behind AB to avoid licensing conflicts

    • MSZ says:

      News to me, I didn’t know AB Model have LB 458 before.

      I know GT Spirit themselves have released the white LB 458 in other branded name to avoid Ferrari’s lawyers.

  4. Martin says:

    I think these are just GT-Spirit Porsches with another colour, maybe even done by them. The really curious colors aren’t even showed, where is the pink and orange….

  5. Ole Andre says:

    I got the blue one without the decore on the windows. And its a beautiful car.
    I recomande it to everyone that is thinking of bying one of them

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