REVIEW: Schuco Volkswagen T2a Platform Truck •

REVIEW: Schuco Volkswagen T2a Platform Truck

This next model I’ve been eyeing since its release in early 2016.  I kept it on my long list, attending to other priorities…  The model is the Schuco 1:18 Volkswagen T2a Platform Truck with dual Soapbox racers (Red/Blue).  This is definitely the epitome of uber cool when speaking with a Volkswagen fan.  This T2a makes it the 45th Volkswagen model into my personal collection.  Why the purchase now?  CK Model Cars recent sale, I picked this one up for less than 60 Euro, original price around 145.  Let me tell you there is a lot of bang for the buck here!

From an exterior point of view the model is very subtle in appearance, and rightly so.  Two-tone paint in Dark Red and Cream/White are very representative of the period.  The Volkswagen emblem front and centre looks at home too.  Paint on the T2a is completed extremely well.  There may be a few spots were the paint runs heavy, but again correct to the period LOL.  Shut-lines and panel gaps are defined beautifully throughout as the images will show.

However I did have a small problem with the cargo/platform area.  The T2a comes fully equipped with three functional cargo doors.  Each panel is hinged and capable of drop-down.  Fours corners are locked securely in place with a metal clasp, simple and cleaver ingenuity.  So where is the problem?  The driver side front clasp doesn’t align with the drop-down panel, the other three fortunately do.  See image above for close-up view.  There are no other storage compartments accessible other than the rear where the motor is housed.

The supplied Soapbox racers are manufactured in plastic.  They look great and get the job done.  Props for Schuco for providing these memorable elements, they set the stage for recollection.

The front of the T2a is something special, well to me at least; a timeless design that is all Volkswagen.  Execution here is excellent for the most part.  Great detail on the windshield wipers, side mirrors, headlights and turn-signals.  All crafted with care.  Only complaint here would be the black moulding around the windshield, inconsistent line around the passenger side.

Rear is much with the front.  Volkswagen emblem is photo-etched.  Small exhaust lower right side is accurate to the period.  The motor’s home is found in the rear too.  Hinged cover is beautifully done, and includes prop-rod too.

The motor on the other hand is very basic, plastic in look. It is completed in all black with only one piece coloured in red.  I checked my old Red Porsche T2a Box Van, it is identical.  It is definitely a cost cutting element in relation to the rest of the model.

Wheels are nicely executed and feature the Cream/White paint and chromes hubs.  Not much else to see here.

Interior on the T2a is very sparse and to the point.  Hell, it was the work horse of the period what more would you need. Schuco’s definition in very good and on point, all areas are nicely crafted and defined.  In all a very nice interior, which I think most would agree.

In the end this is what Schuco does best, classic European design, made of diecast metal, beautiful detailed works of art.  Most pieces in their collection drive creativity and imagination, and for me that’s all part of the passion play we love about this great hobby.  The sale price of 60 Euro was the icing on the cake.  The model is still on sale (not at 60 Euro though), and other new releases from Schuco are now available, checkout our great core sponsors for details.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: Schuco Volkswagen T2a Platform Truck"

  1. Sac says:

    Me like !

  2. Lausambaychua says:

    Really nice to see something like this on DS rather than those boring generic supercars. And wow, the 45th Volkswagen. Well, if you want to, I suggest collecting all Volkswagen Transporter variants made by Schuco, because that’s quite impossible. Honestly, I’ve lost count on how many color schemes Schuco produced for the Transporter.

  3. Martin says:

    Now double the price at €120, but €60 was really a steal of course.
    Yes an awesome model with all the moving side on the rear. Just as nice as what they did with the L322 lorries!

  4. MarkT says:

    Don’t worry about the drop gates no aligning properly, I have a ’68 (a real one) and that’s how they work!

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