One Model New Lexus RCF •

One Model New Lexus RCF

The 1:18 Lexus RCF was originally announced by One Model back in October 2016.  Almost four years later the model makes it to production with four colours available.  They include Blue, Yellow, White and Candy Red.  This example from One Model will be on shelves next month.

Product# OM_17A10-01 / OM_17A10-02 / OM_17A10-03 / OM_17A10-04

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  1. JIMMY says:

    A bit redundant, considering this car has been produced in resin and diecast already by different companies. They could’ve at least made it the 2020 facelifted version for a bit more differentiation. And I say this as a fan of this car in real life.

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