Pagani Huayra Roadster, Who is Better AUTOart or LCD Models? •

Pagani Huayra Roadster, Who is Better AUTOart or LCD Models?

Our team has received a number of emails and various media requests on which is the definitive Pagani Huayra Roadster between AUTOart or LCD Models?  We finally have two examples to review side by side so we thought it was the appropriate time to share our feeling on both.  Retail aside, which is truly the better of the two models.

We’ll judge each example by the following attributes, exterior, front, rear, wheels, motor, interior and additional accessories.  Each element will be scored win or tie.  The final results will be on display at the end of the article. Pretty simple, no?  Let us know your thoughts on why you choose one over the other.


Let’s first look at the exterior side. Our AUTOart example features the Blue Carbon Fibre finish.  Out of the box the results are stunning, and more impressive in person than we excepted.  Exterior panels are crafted in a composite material.  The Blue Carbon Fibre is executed well, and the shutlines and panel gaps we believe are better implemented here than against our LCD Models example.  We had the AUTOart piece under the Photo Gallery synopsis back in January 2021.

Our LCD Models is the White version, lighter colours usually enhance the gapping.  Also, we found a slight variance in the colour tone from the front 2/3rd to the rear section of the car.  Their Pagani is also available in Blue, Red and Violet.

Overall dimensions of each car are extremely close, we were quite surprised by how close.  And as you know each example does provide full access with a few bonus elements, which we discuss more in detail below.

As for LCD Models, their example is based on a diecast metal exterior, and the first thing you’ll notice is the overall weight in comparison to the AUTOart is considerably greater.  Some still equate quality with diecast metal, but in reality, the AUTOart is closer to the real thing than LCD Models based on carbon fibre exterior structure alone.

What LCD Models does well and excels over the AUTOart version is their execution with the carbon fibre elements found throughout the exterior side, they actually use a true carbon fibre decal with clear whereas AUTOart uses a tampo method which is effective but is second best against LCD Models effort.

In the end, we gave the win to LCD Models for the overall exterior presence and execution, likely driven by the use of their well-defined carbon fibre exterior elements.


A closer look at the front area of the LCD Models Huayra Roadster and you’ll first notice the impact of true carbon fibre detailing on the lower spoiler and headlight housing.  Better than AUTOart.  Each example offers a fully functional spoiler.  Lower grilles are metal and perforated on both examples.  And while the LCD Models exterior mirrors are attached from the factory AUTOart requires you to install them.

A win for AUTOart here is the detailing with the strap located at each end of the hatch, the added paint is more authentic, whereas LCD Models has left this part unpainted. Once inside at first glance both appear very similar, but this is not the case.

LCD Models provide the true carbon fibre elements for the complete front windshield down.  AUTOart again is tampo method.  The engineering on the hinge is very similar on each and the operation is much the same.  Both models feature much of the lower areas in mould carbon fibre – though we find the LCD Models provide more detail on the two cooling fans and related parts here.

AUTOart does provide some additional detailing that LCD Model does not.  The most evident is the cooling just behind each from wheels, AUTOart is more polished providing us with a finished area capped with metal grilles.  However, LCD Models do provide fans with a fully working suspension whereas the AUTOart is static.

The front perspective is a tie in our opinion.  There are pros and cons for both sides.  Each individual will have their priority list, but it’s a tie based on our criteria.


The hatch on the rear is much the same in both examples.  Each provides the level of detailing one would expect.  This appliable to the clear glass in the upper section with metal grilles on both sides.  The straps once again go to AUTOart for a win based on the additional paint.  Lower functional spoilers are available to both models, however, the LCD Models outperformed the AUTOart here.  Function on the LCD Models was perfect, each side providing a great amount of movement and each side could retain the closed position with parallel accuracy.  Not the same with AUTOart.  Movement on our example is restricted to the 1:10th of that of LCD Models.

As we move down to the back section of the rear it is dominated by carbon fibre, again the win here is LCD Models.  Their choice of decals/clear over tampo definitely makes a substantial difference when both are aligned side by side.  This also extends to taillight housing.  And finally, each model provides a view of the beast inside, as the rear grille is metal and perforated on both.

Clearly, a win for LCD Models here.  It just looks more polished.  And if you read our comments from the article back in January, you would have read the Blue carbon fibre alignment on the rear exterior side was visually off.


Motor wise, it’s quite impressive how each is nearly mirrored, however, there are some pros and cons for each.  The biggest win for LCD Models is their ability to provide a working suspension whereas the AUTOart is static.   As for the upper section of the motor, we find the LCD Model more detailed with the smallest of details.  Exhaust systems are quite similar, though we prefer the bluing/browning of the exhaust of the AUTOart better.

LCD Models the first image and AUTOar second below.

AUTOart also provides a more polished and finished look to the backside of the hatch with mould carbon fibre, whereas LCD Models is mostly completed a Flat Black paint.  Also, the surrounding exterior side of the motor section is all tampo, AUTOart achieves a more cohesive look but extending the carbon fibre tampo right to the interior side of the cockpit.  LCD Models does pick up a few points as they continue their carbon fibre with a truly authentic look but as noted missed the mark by not extending through the side.

Each model provides access to luggage storage, each is fitted with luggage too.  On the plus side, AUTOart does define the leather strap on each side and provides more pieces of luggage too.


As for the wheels, we lean towards the LCD Models side.  Their definition is our opinion look more refined.  The paint is polished, providing a more effective result.  And they even provide an air valve.  Though the flip side the model is based on the car presented to the public to showcase their ability and in-house options.  Some may not like the different coloured wheels and brake calipers.

AUTOart wheels are Silver in colour and feature tire script too.  And the rear parking brake is found.  This is missing from the competitor’s car.  Though in comparison to the LCD Models version they are rather plain.

The wheels go to LCD Models.  Though a slim margin the overall results look better in person.


Interior wise the LCD Model does shine over AUTOart.  It is not immediately noticeable but when you get down to the gradual level of the steering dash, and centre console definition you can clearly see LCD Model leaves AUTOart behind.  Carbon fibre detail elevates the results too.  And the most embarrassing piece for AUTOart is the centre console, it is extremely poor.  One win for AUTOart over the LCD Models is the polished look of the carbon fibre frame.  It excels over LCD Models as their outer side is left untouched and the inner working is executed with a moulded carbon fibre look.

Win LCD Models.  The proof is in the puddling as they say and photos here don’t lie.  Well done LCD Models!


In addition to more luggage, AUTOart also supplies the collector with two sets of mirrors, a screwdriver and an access key.  On the flip side, LCD Models do provide a larger screwdriver, painted to match the exterior, access key and luggage, though less than AUTOart the luggage pieces themselves are more refined.  The nod here goes to AUTOart.

Win AUTOart!  Even with their added goodies the refinement of the luggage pieces does help.  And we also appreciated that they paint the hinges on each storage compartment Black to help mirror the carbon fibre finish.


The tally, out of seven critical touchpoints LCD Model takes four, and AUTOart one with the remaining two noted as a tie.  Again, these are subjective in nature, and each person may prioritize them differently.  As for which is the better model and the overall better value, it is LCD Models.

As for LCD Models, the team is quite impressed with their overall effort for such a young and upcoming brand.  Let’s hope they take away from this and improve moving forward.  LCD Models also need to improve on accessibility and supply chain, which as you know their products aren’t the easiest to obtain at the moment.  Also, can the team keep this pace and price, only time will tell.  And so far 2021 has been extremely quiet, while in comparison AUTOart has infused the conversation with a slew of additional new material to come.

Overall the AUTOart exterior is solid, the exterior Blue Carbon is grand.  But it is a far cry from what the team is capable of.  AUTOart also comes in at a premium price.  At this price point, there should be zero accommodations.  At what price the Pagani Huayra Roadster retails for (about $400 CND) they need to provide a replica that excels on all elements below.  It’s been far too long AUTOart has been resting on past successes.  They need to step up their game or lower their prices.  We prefer the latter with a full 360 effort, otherwise in the supercar segment LCD Models will continue to take market share.  This LCD Model Pagani Huayra Roadster came in at about $220 CND, far less than AUTOart.


Exterior (overall): Win = LCD Models
Front: Tie = AUTOart/LCD Models
Rear: Win = LCD Models
Motor: Tie = AUTOart/LCD Models
Wheels: Win = LCD Models
Interior: Win = LCD Models
Accessories: Win = AUTOart

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58 Responses to "Pagani Huayra Roadster, Who is Better AUTOart or LCD Models?"

  1. Weiwei Wang says:

    ALMOST REAL is also developing this product, the price is about 500USD or more, but there is a serious error in the drawing design, so after melting the mold, re develop the mold.(AR’s Pagani products may not be available until at least 2022)

    SUM factory because of the production of many failed products, a shareholder angrily withdrew from the cooperation.

    • Karsten says:

      This is not about AR, so your re-newed attempt at using this opportunity to continue your crusade by spreading damaging rumours about AR will be deleted.

      • KBH says:

        Hear, hear! King Karsten speaks! Mister know-it-all will decide whether your comments are allowed within his (very narrow minded) area of divine knowledge! But we are not fooled by his mighty yet untransparant attempts to rule the world of modelcars. EVERY comment that is not liked by the king is removed. In fact, there must be an elaborate flow of comments which are removed from your God given website. Because people who actually KNOW things in this world and do RESEARCH before they publish and are actually unbiased about ANY manufacturing company, well, they do not belong here. No, King Karsten rules and you better make sure he likes you.

        • DS Team says:

          Totally amazed that one can sit behind a keyboard and type out such remarks without actually merit or facts. At no given time have we removed or favoured one comment over the other. At times there may be cause to remove a comment, BUT these are few and far between… We also have a spam filter installed to review comments if you’re not a regular contributor the likelihood of getting flagged is much greater. This is a necessity of running this site, to date SPAM comments have totalled north of 650K.

          At no time did our team ever claim we were the authority on any topic or the end-all for the casual user. This website was founded by collectors for collectors. These are our opinions and thoughts based on what we consider for the model or topic at hand. We don’t have to sell ad space or are influenced by specific brands. We provide insights that we believe contribute to the hobby and help collectors make good buying decisions.

          Karsten is a valued contributor, he’s done a lot more for our website/hobby than many who only sit back and play keyboard hero. If you don’t like the review or point of view, that is fine, but personal attached are unacceptable. Our email is info [at] diecastsociety [dot] com, you can tribute your perspective, reviews or contrary at any time.

          • George K says:

            Karsten has always added value to this website, and his opinions are knowledgeable and supported by facts. That is valued over wild opinions based on hearsay any day.

        • Weiwei Wang says:

          Yeah. I used to use photos as proof of my opinion, but they were deleted by the administrator.

          • DS Team says:

            In this instance, you and your China friends took another opportunity to voice your opinion on AR – we already extend a soapbox for you in a previous thread. Is this not true? Please provide all the facts, sir.

            Same as here, unrelated to the topic at hand. Again, take your energy and create your own site or put pen to paper, take some photos and submit a review.

    • Karsten says:

      As usual you provide zero evidence to back what you´re saying.

      • Weiwei Wang says:

        My good friend is from the SUM factory, so I know the latest situation of the factory very well.

        BBR has not let SUM continue to produce new products. When enzo is released, you will know the truth.

        • Karsten says:

          How can we know ??? We don´t even know if the LaFerrari was produced there! It´s all hear-say, no evidence. Provide evidence or stop making allegations!

    • DS Team says:

      Again, what does this have to do with the article here? Please develop your own website titled Enough is enough. Stop beating a dead horse already.

    • Gonçalo Freitas says:

      I am just a collector, that’s the reason that I came here so often (altough I rarely reply)..
      I don’t care with your rumors! Can you leave a reply about the article.
      This is a great article! All I want to comment is that AA prices are getting harder to explain.
      Thanks to DS Team and I am glad that LCD comes as winner! We need more “wars” between manufacturers, without competition the quality will be lower.

  2. Ipoulo kounoupi says:

    Clearly the winner for me is the LCD for the all the things that you mentioned above and the most important for me (( is what you get for what you pay )) are you hearing Autoart????

  3. Karsten says:

    Previous photographic evidence already proved all this and I agree to your assessment. And I´d like to add a few details yet widening the margin by which LCD wins over AA, even without considering the price difference: The LCD interior is two-tone, while the AA isn´t. The LCD has the red door-release-levers, the AA hasn´t. Amazingly, LCD has the correct “Pagani” oval and “Roadster” script logos opposite each other on each rim, the AA does not.

  4. WU BO says:

    Hi! What you said is almost true. There is a split in AR, and Mr. Liu is facing great pressure. I hope he can produce excellent products. At present, the short board of sum is super run model. The LCD is great, but they are putting off their products because they have too many orders.

  5. 8 says:

    I got my LCD Huayra earlier today. Although it has some paint chipping on its doors and front hatch I am extremely blown away by this brand. Also my huayra is also white I didn’t know that it was pearl white until I got it lol.

  6. Giorgio262 says:

    As an owner of an older Aa Huayra coupè (sounds almost like being an owner of the real car, almost ;D) what I found most surprising is how much of a step backwards As’s model looks compared to their own older coupè model, The wheels the flaps construction and detail, the exhaust system they all look much cheaper then the corresponding parts on the older model.

    • Karsten says:

      So true! I’ve got one too. Particularly the exhaust is so much better than both these Roadsters here. To be fair, though, the centre console and missing door levers were on the Coupe too. You’d expect progress, in seven years, not the opposite, especially with how AA justified composite. This comparison proves it a big lie.

    • Vitaliy D says:

      Exactly! Having this in mind, let me quote Wiki ( ) :

      ” Autoart is moving towards replicating cars in composite plastic and with diecast interior instead of a traditional diecast body and plastic chassis. The company claims that the move towards plastic should result in more accurate details, such as panel lines, as well as the models costing less than their diecast counterparts. ”

      I guess, comments are unnecessary here…

  7. MRM says:

    I am not an AutoArt fanboy by any means (after all I collect mainly Ferraris, which they do not produce). And I don’t own either model. As a matter of fact I have never seen in person any model by either LCD or Almost real. Having said this, from what I see on the pictures, the AA definitely has the upper hand. As someone who has been around plenty of 1:1 exotic cars, not only collecting but building models since the early ’80s, building diecast models for living, helping develop some and having developed and produced plenty of parts, I look at this comparison, beyond what color the interior is or which combo suits my taste better. The AA is the better finished or should I say more complete model. From the more defined shapes under the hoods, to the better finished edges of the panels, to the great application of carbon fiber on some very complicated surfaces, where LCD just took the easy way out and did not apply carbon. The tires, the finishes under the hood, the center console, the shocks, the headlights……
    The AutoArt is just the better model, hands down.

    • SamtheCat says:

      Are you sure you’re not mixing the pictures of both models? Autoart resorts to molded carbon fiber in many places where the LCD goes the proper way and applies decals. Molded carbon fiber looks super cheap, that’s something I’d expect from a Maisto. Heck, at least apply tampography, even some budget brands are doing that!

      The center console of the Autoart is one of the worse I’ve seen in ages. How can you say that there is more definition there than in the LCD counterpart, when it’s lacking buttons and switches! 4 poorly made “switches” against the 8 of the LCD, guess how many have the real car? (yes, 8). Then again all the dashboard on the Autoart is molded carbon fiber, on the LCD it’s decals again. The only place where in the interior where the Autoart wins is in the carbon fiber of the door sills. And let’s not talk about the LCD having cloth seatbelts vs rubber on the autoart.

      One thing where I partially agree with you, is in the appearance of the suspension, as it does look better on the Autoart, but the LCD is functional.

      ” the great application of carbon fiber on some very complicated surfaces, where LCD just took the easy way out and did not apply carbon.” Here again I think you’re mixing both models. LCD uses decals for the most part, whereas Autoart uses molded plastic even in places that are super visible. And while we’re talking about carbon fiber, but this isn’t a fair comparison since the LCD didn’t go that route, having photographed plenty of times the real blue carbon huayra, the Autoart doesn’t look like it at all (and again let’s forget that it should have 2 different rims, as the LCD does). On the other hand I purchased the red LCD, whose paint is way closer to that of its real counterpart.

      And with all of this said,autoart is (or rather, was) my favourite brand, I have plenty of models from them, and I know they can do better, so it hurts to see such a mediocre model from them and how they’re asking much more whilst offering less and less.

      • МRМ says:

        I will admit, that I did mix the center console pictures between the two models. However that does not change the way I feel about the over all execution of the models. And you seem to be completely ignoring my point. This is not “THE BLUE” Huayra. This is “A BLUE” Huayra. There are 100 Roadsters made, and production has not finished yet. So stop looking at what color the wheels are painted, but look at the the actual molding of the tire thread. Look at the air boxes and filters and how they mate to the intakes. Look at the straps molded on the top of “the trunks”. Look at teh missing emblem on the LCD steering wheel. Look at the missing emblems on the calipers. Look at the entire monocoque panels, missing any kind of carbon. Look how the door panels have carbon only on the surface facing the interior, but not on the sides in the jams. Look at all the exposed frame tubes and how generic they look. Same with the suspension. The engine on the LCD also has molded carbon, but far inferior looking to the AA one. All the lights on the AA are better and more accurate. And by the way, tampo-printed carbon fiber, or anything for that matter, is far more complicated and expensive method than decals. Just like any textured surface for a molding is far more expensive than a smooth one.

        At the end of the day it is what makes you happy. And these voting poles on sites like this one are absolute zero indication for anything. People vote with their wallets. I am not a big Huayra fan in general, because I thing it is grossly overdone and gaudy compared to the clean lines of the subtle Zonda masterpieces. This is why I only got the GT Autos Huayra. But a quick trip to Ebay shows how people feel about the AA model. And something tells me that the situation will not be different with this model. But this is just speculation of course.

        What I know is, that I do want a Huayra Roadster in my collection and I’m getting the AA. Maybe not this blue version, but definitely not the LCD. That’s my vote.

        • Karsten says:

          “People vote with their wallets”
          Yep, exactly: I sent the AA straight back for a refund and got the LCD instead for a modification project until the AR will arrive. That’s how I vote with my wallet.

        • SamtheCat says:

          So I “seem to be completely ignoring my point. ” yet you ignored everything I said and went back to the 3 things Autoart does better, being 2 of them pretty trivial, to declare that the overall better car is the blue one, and completely forgetting about the rest. May I say again, I’ve seen and photographed plenty of huayras, yet this blue colour looks nothing like the real ones. Because tampo carbon doesn’t work for that. There’s a good article somewhere comparing the different techniques for carbon in the scale world, you should read that out.

          And about the price… well, if you use the barometer of the Autoart being more expensive in the second hand market, ignoring that it was more expensive to begin with and people don’t want to lose money, and you’re ignoring too the fact that going by the same scale the LCD examples on ebay are selling for far higher than the retail price… Well, I have nothing else to say. Hope you enjoy your overpriced Autoart example.

          • MRM says:

            Yes, you are correct. You are completely missing the point. Both you and the professor.
            Obviously you have a problem comprehending what I am saying, so I will try to explain it to you. We are judging models based on a different criteria. And I am not looking for an argument. What I am trying to say is, that it is OK to agree to disagree. And based on our personal preferences, we can vote with our wallets. What is not OK is to try to bully people (happening quite often on here, with the same individuals involved) into agreeing with your point of view.
            I am expressing my preferences and explaining why I feel this way. I am not trying to convince you or anyone else to feel like me.
            About the model, I don’t care how bad AA fudged up or not the blue carbon, because it would not be my first choice regardless. And if we have to realistic, AA should win the finish battle by default, simply because at least they attempted the carbon body. While LCD chose white, which is probably the easiest color to hide imperfections with. Or just plain blue. How can you compare how someone executed something compared to someone who did not even attempt it? See, I like the green one. Which by the way would be a more fair comparison to the white LCD here. Or the red one. IMO they are better than LCD because:
            1. Better shut lines
            2. Better lights
            3. Better tires
            4. Better brakes
            5. Better carbon throughout, as a quality of the carbon finish itself
            6. Overall better looking interior despite the fudged up dash
            7. Better texture on the engine
            8. Better intake boxes with way better fit to intakes
            9. Better luggage boxes (shape-wise), with carbon all around the edges, black hinges and proper straps – all missing on the LCD
            10. Carbon fiber on the underside of both hoods, which LCD completely ignored
            11. Blue tinted exhaust tips
            12. Better represented frame
            13. Considerably better looking suspension
            14. And last but not least, my biggest gripe with the model – the complete omission of carbon on the entire sides of the monocoque on the LCD model, which has carbon only where visible when model has closed doors and hood.
            Now ironically, there is a review of this model on this very site from before. Where this is what KARSTEN has to say:
            “Good to know, though, that the LCD is nit a contender, makes decisions easier, so zhank you very much indeed for the review.” (unedited)
            Now here is about “that blue Huayra” from another member:
            “My biggest isue with this model, apart from the mentioned, is the fact that LCD chose to replicate the car from the Geneva motorshow, but forgot the carbon fiber body. Even the different wheels on each side are present, but why on earth isn’t it exposed blue carbon then, like the car they try to replicate….. cost cutting?”
            And the aforementioned “above issues”
            “LCD seems to have a higher ride height, the wing mirror stalks are a bit on the thicker side, the paint used on the seats and interior are too glossy, especially the seats, which gives it a cheap look.”
            And guess what? everyone agreed. Because there are some pictures that show what the pictures of the white car here don’t.

            And one last thing. Please don’t try to lecture me about carbon finishes. I don’t need to read a book. I can write one. From making the first and only C5 in US with all carbon body in 1:1, to becoming two times national champion for building scale models. You can sleep with that book under your pillow and practice every day for the next ten years and you would not have my experience with carbon fiber finishes in any scale, from 1:43 to 1:1.

            And just everyone can refresh their memory with a completely unbiased review and pictures, here is the link to another LCD review on here


          • DS Team says:

            First off this is not a review, it’s a comparison of two brands, the rookie vs. the veteran. As you mentioned, Stephane does a great job and describing his views of the LCD example in a full-length review.

            Our perspective was to compare the two based on what we believe are the top attributes – this was done by examining the samples with each other, we did not factor in, well, for the most part overall accurately to the 1:1.

            The main point of the comparison is to help collectors make decisions on where to spend their coin. With the ever-escalating costs, it is GREAT to have alternatives. We’ve seen both in the flesh, each has its strengths and also weaknesses, but coming in at almost $200 more than LCD Models, AUTOart should be embraced quite frankly. They need to improve, and stop with the shortcuts or drop their prices. Sounds simple…

        • Karsten says:

          That I “understand” English is THE understatement of the decade, that I follow your advise plainly wrong (if you understand English): You adviced to buy AA.

          • SamtheCat says:

            I’m replying to Karsten because the website doens’t let me reply to MRM, but this message is an answer to MRM’s

            I’ve been debating with myself whether to lose more time with you or not, because you seem blind to the obvious. But your wording pissed me off, so here we go.
            Before we talk about the models, let me refer to the end of your message. So, you own the “first and only c5 in US with all carbon body”, but how’s that the only full carbon Corvette C5 I can find is in Greece, made my CFC customs? Or are you talking about a CITROEN C5? Do you think the rest of us is alien to carbon fiber? I made some projects for a carbon fiber company.  And since you like to appeal to authority, I’ve photographed over 80 Paganis in the past years, so you should automatically beleve everything I say going by your logic, right? But please, lecture me and write a book so I can put it under my pillow and dream of being close to your expertise. Now to the model.

            First of all, the paint. “If we have to realistic (about the paint), AA should win the battle by default”. Ok let’s compare the colours. Leaving aside the blue carbon, which looks nothing like the real one (but at least they tried, right? IT doesn’t matter how bad the effort), Autoart went for the most simple colours which by the way look nothing like the real ones, while LCD went for richer pearl and candy tones which, surprise, match those of real cars. 
            But you like the counting game, I can play that too. Let’s use “independent” pictures, ie the ones from Carmodel. vs

            Comparing shut lines in both models, depending on the unit, autoart looses overall.
            Shapes and details on the LCD are sharper and closer to the real one
            Flaps better defined and which PROPERLY OPEN on the LCD. The ones on the AA are a joke.
            Wheels on the LCD are way better, with a better center lock and with the logos lacking on the Autoart
            The logos on the autoart are too small
            More realistic carbon throughout
            Better interior in general
            Better center console, with the correct amount of buttons and proper carbon
            Cloth seatbelts vs rubber ones
            Working suspension, which at least in my unit, has 2 positions and can leave the model closer to the ground
            Autoart didn’t even bother to detail the glass on the roof, the LCD has the proper dots darkening it.
            Much better exhaust tips. Not every huayra has blue ones, but LCD made the more correct trumpet shape on them.
            The exhausts mufflers on the Autoart are shapeless blobs, on the LCD have more detail and are blue. Guess what colour you see on the real ones?
            You talk about the stems on the LCD being too thick, but Autoart has them thicker. Hmmm…
            But last of all, you seem to be oblivious to the difference between a review, and a comparison, as others pointed out. So, something criticized on the LCD, can still be better than on the Autoart. For example again the rearview mirrors. Or the cheap look on the interior, which on the AA is cheaper.
            And I’m not the biggest fan of Karsten here neither, but there’s no need to mock him without reason, and something I’ve learnt about him is that he DOES know what he’s talking about in terms of quality, and if he, after criticizing the LCD on the review now when having both side by side decides that it’s better than the Autoart, I support him. Because he’s shown that he can change his mind instead of being adamant on holding to his first impression.

            And do we need to talk about price again?

          • Karsten says:

            Especially, as you are no particular fan of mine, I all the more thank you for your words. I was as pissed off as you were and ended up googling the C5, finding the same one in Greece. But there is no use in arguing with him. I have had my clashes with him before and he just turns ever more self- righteous and insolent throwing insults in all directions.
            So what interests me more,especially as you prove as a decent guy in giving me credit where due and defending me against his insults despite your own grudges, what grudges do you hold?

          • MRM says:

            Apparently you don’t understand english that well. I advised everyone to vote with their wallet and buy what makes them happy. I just shared my personal opinion why I personally will vote with my wallet for AutoArt. I never said anyone should do anything other than what floats their boat.

            And to the DS Team and the whole price nonsense. You gotta stop with that. It is misleading to the members and on the long run it is bad for the hobby. I can buy as many AA Huayra Roadsters (or Huayra BC) I want right now on E-bay and from a variety of online stores for $270. Some even for $255. The cheapest LCD Huayra Roadster available is $171. That is under $80 difference. Not to mention that most are above $200.

          • DS Team says:

            Sorry, it is not misleading it is fact. At the time of purchase, this was the norm and still is. Likely, AUTOart is dealing with frustrated retailers whose customers have moved to the LCD Models, this, in turn, has affected the overall price. Simple supply and demand. And as we pointed out numerous times, LCD Models’ biggest challenge is channel management, getting products to customers.

            PS – What is bad for the hobby is Ebay.

          • Karsten says:

            Ok, just to make sure a poort German sod like myself does not misunderstand: The AA is “better than LCD because:
            1. Better shut lines
            2. Better lights
            3. Better tires
            4. Better brakes
            5. Better carbon throughout, as a quality of the carbon finish itself
            6. Overall better looking interior despite the fudged up dash
            7. Better texture on the engine
            8. Better intake boxes with way better fit to intakes
            9. Better luggage boxes (shape-wise), with carbon all around the edges, black hinges and proper straps – all missing on the LCD
            10. Carbon fiber on the underside of both hoods, which LCD completely ignored
            11. Blue tinted exhaust tips
            12. Better represented frame
            13. Considerably better looking suspension
            14. And last but not least, my biggest gripe with the model – the complete omission of carbon on the entire sides of the monocoque on the LCD model, which has carbon only where visible when model has closed doors and hood.”, but
            you don´t blame anyone for preferring the LCD? Great, so what´s the fuss then?

            Apologies for misunderstanding you in that I thought, you cannot put up with so many here considering the LCD the better model. At the end of the day you do seem to let people have their own opinion. I humbly thank you on behalf of all who disagree with you, sir.

          • MRM says:

            I don’t know what’s up with the site and why it doesn’t let me answer to the proper person, but I’ll make a somewhat generic answer.
            You guys are precious. 😂 when my teenage sons, who are in the “know it all” stage of their life, argue about certain things, they can be sometimes annoying. But they are forgiven, because of their age. You two, on the other hand are pure entertainment, because being adults (and I’m only guessing here) should know better.
            I am familiar with the CFC car in Greece. I have actually seen it in person. They do some fantastic work, but shipping their parts to US makes them cost prohibitive, hence I went a different route. It blows my mind the logic you use. So because I did not plaster my car all over the internet, it does not exist?! 😯 like a local guy in Colorado who had an F50, Enzo, Saleen S7, a McLaren F1 and a Zonda. They probably don’t exist either. Because they can not be registered and sit in his garage. And he does not parade them all over the net. Right?!
            Here is the thing though- I can prove my car. Even though I sold it a year and a half ago. As far as I know, it is somewhere in Indiana. It was lighter and faster than the one in Greece, which by the way is wrongfully advertised as a Z06, which it is not. By a good margin. But that’s not on the internet either. Reminds me of an insurance commercial about a girl with a guy who is a “french fashion model”. Because that’s what the internet said.
            But anyway…..the models…. and pictures…… having photographed 80 Paganis tells me that you like taking pictures. And cars. It means squat about what you know about finishes. Or models. And your last comment tells me you don’t know much about paint either.
            On the other hand, I have taken very few photos of the cars I have seen, driven or owned. But I worked with carbon. Bought it, cut it, shaped it, molded it and finished it. Both in real life and in scale. And I have applied carbon finishes to scale models enough times to rival the BBR production line. And I have it documented and have my trophies, publications in magazines etc., to show for it. So I am not sure what your logic tells you, but by my logic that makes you an expert in pictures and me an expert in models. I don’t know what you do for living, but I used to make models for living.
            And bringing the authenticity of colors should really not be something you want to bring in this conversation. LCD has released four Roadsters in four different colors. All of them with the same exact interior, which looks like painted with something I would use on my fence and with the same exact wheels/tires options. Talk about cutting corners… Then we can address the language you like to use. Comparison, trivial, realistic, authentic…….So let’s play a game.
            I am tired of trying to reason with you two, because it feels like arguing with the TV. But pictures and facts don’t lie. So, I am going to order both models, because I want a Huayra Roadster in my collection and then I will make a thread, which I will dedicate specially to you. I think it’s going to be a huge win for the forum. Because it would give my credentials for future reference, it would give a more in depth and absolutely unbiased comparison, it would help me decide for myself which model to keep (I will return the other), which will be helpful for others as well and it will also make you two feel really special, which seems to be something you are craving.
            Stay tuned!

          • Karsten says:

            Verzeihung, ich verstehe leider deine Sprache nicht : D

          • MRM says:

            To Karsten:
            Не намираш смисъл и не разбираш, защото така ти изнася. Ни лук ял, ни лук мирисал. 😘

            I am very curious now about that brand LCD. I am very open minded and would love to learn something new. Maybe it would turn out the LCD really is the better model. I haven’t bought a model in over a year and I’m actually excited about getting something new. Besides, when it comes to models, reviews, comparisons and pictures, the more the merrier.
            One last thing. I just placed an order for a Verde Firenze AutoArt Roadster. Did some research and it turned out it is an actual color offered by Pagani. Who knew? 💭 With shipping it’s costing me about $290. Since you said that the LCD model is $200 cheaper, I would offer you $100 for your white one. Or perhaps you can point me in the right direction, where to get one at that price. I’m actually willing to pay $150 plus shipping for a red one. Speaking of which, out of pure curiosity, why are they only available from China or Italy? Does it have anything to do with licensing?

    • Edib Zivalj says:

      I see what MRM is saying about the complete package.

      Aa: kudos for doing the whole body in carbon.
      in comparison to old Aa diecast: dash was the same 4 buttons(someone noticed above too), we all praised Aa’s coupe, not noting the 4 buttons to my memory… so i understand Aa cutting the corner and not adding development cost to the dash.

      BTW the new roadster has tampo carbon at base of windshield that the diecast coupe had in molded carbon so that’s a plus!! I was surprised.
      The structural core details(brakes,etc) and mfg cleanliness goes to Aa

      LCD: again as a newcomer…AWESOME keep it up!. wheel color pops more then Aa(though i do like accuracy on Aa’s brakes more) and dash is juicy.

      I ended up going for Aa in the end, that CF body looks hotter and stronger as a package imo.

      side note for review:

      for interior there’s a contradiction. says “The interior was a tie folks. It obvious from both examples there are wins and a few misses, though once you balance them out it’s a tie!” but then gives the win to LCD?

      also a lot more pics of LCD then Aa, seems a bit bias from that perspective??

      Thank you for the site content as always and for keeping it interesting

      • DS Team says:

        Thanks, that error is now corrected.

        No bias on the photos, timing of models and when they got in front of the lens. Also, there are far more reviews here from AUTOart than LCD Models, so we decided to provide more photos overall.

  8. John Feola says:

    That was a great review! I alway’s suspected the LCD overall would be better. The interior of the AUTOart pales in comparison to the LCD. The steering wheel and dash gauges look better too. Again, thanks for the great review. Nice pictures and videos too.

  9. Karsten says:

    I´ve been looking back at some of LCD´s Toy Fair pictures: The purple Huayra sported a clear carbon fibre finish on its purple body then. Unfortunately, the have not taken this to the production stage and the final product.

    • SamtheCat says:

      Yep, same with the blue. In the end I went for the red one since that and the white are the closest to the real ones, but I wouldn’t have minded paying a tad more for the blue if they had made it in carbon fiber, seeing how good their CF is on the parts that do have it.

  10. Kevin says:

    Great comparison! I hope LCD will do some new announcements soon. A McLaren 765LT would be crazy

  11. MIke D says:

    GREAT comparos — bit thanks DS team! I have two examples of AA’s diecast of these cars.

    I’m also in complete agreement with GIORGIO262 — AA’s earlier examples would probably win this comparo in a three way competition IMO

    I will wait for Almost Real’s example then decide – AA’s current example won’t be in the mix for me.

  12. H.S. says:

    Autoart have lost their touch, they need to seriously take a look at their portfolio and up their quality.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, especially at their price point. Their models need to be complete, meaning the level of exterior detail mirrors that of the interior and motor.

      • MRM says:

        Ahhh…..the price point. I hate to be the guy to say “I told you so”, but I TOLD YOU SO close to ten years ago. Keep buying Aventadors and Bugattis in every color under the rainbow and then post on every media you can find on the internet, bragging about how much above retail you paid for it, just to boost your ego and then wonder why manufacturers raised their prices to extortionate levels. Because they can. Which is the message that collectors are sending. So I don’t blame them. If people are not only paying $500 for my $200 product, but they are doing it in multiples and bragging about it, I have to be crazy not to offer my next batch at minimum $350. Now after people are bidding thousand buck on Ebay for CMC Ferraris, Do you think they will offer their upcoming 275 at $400? I wouldn’t.

        And by the way, this is not directed personally towards DS. By “You” I mean collectors around the world in general.

  13. connoisseur says:

    Minor corrections:
    Under Motor you write “LCD Models the first image and AUTOar[sic] second below.” but surely the first image with the blued exhaust is AA.

    also, it should be tampo printing, not tampon! :-)

    • DS Team says:

      No, the first is correct as LCD Models and the second AUTOart. If you look closely you can see the exterior paint on the outer edges. Thanks for tampo correction!

  14. kitefighter says:

    An excellent review that surprised and pleased in equal measure. I was expecting the AUTOart to win, as the general consensus of the AUTOart vs LCD Civic Type R leaned that way. A thoroughly enjoyable read from which the we learned a lot from your comparison. More like this please!

    • DS Team says:

      Glad you enjoyed the read. It isn’t easy getting samples and the timing of each independent release is somewhat more challenging. Thanks to friends who help donate their samples for a period of time (thanks Luk).

  15. Benz says:

    Another slight error in one paragraph which needs rectification as it’s not mentioned there but appears in this comment section which could confuse some collectors:

    “Our LCD Models is the White version, lighter colours usually enhance the gapping. Also, we found a slight variance in the colour tone from the front 2/3rd to the rear section of the car. Their Pagani is also available in Blue and Purple.”

    There is an omission of the Red colour variant.


  16. MRM says:

    All the comments and discussions on here peaked my interest in the real cars and one thing led to another and before I knew it, I end up spending most of my evening drooling over Pagani Roadsters online. There are some interesting things I found out. Like for example, not all examples have emblems on the steering wheel. Some do, some don’t. Not all roofs are the same. Some cars have slightly different exhaust detail. Interesting enough, some cars changed their appearance for different events. Like a white and black example, that was sporting no stripe, blue stripe and later on orange stripe and highlights. The most important thing I got out of all this browsing was, that all the variations offered from both AutoArt or LCD, a basically phantasy specs. The closest to existing car in the real world would be the blue ones from both manufacturers, where the LCD is missing the carbon body and the emblems on the steering and brakes, while the Autoart is missing the mismatched wheel, tire and brake caliper colors.
    Altho Pagani does offer that green tri-coat pearl in it is list of options, no such car exists so far. Meanwhile, the only all white Roadster is the very first one made, which was owned by a Middle East royalty, but it had all silver wheels, no special tire markings, all white interior, with all normally shiny aluminum bits being black. And its engine is all flat black with no gold parts.

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