PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Pagani Huayra Roadster •

PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Pagani Huayra Roadster

We got our hands on a sample of the AUTOart Pagani Huayra Roadster.  This one is finished in Blue Carbon Fibre, a home run compared to the alternative colour offered by AUTOart.  We were skeptical based on the initial photos and feedback from the scale model community.

If you’re aren’t in the know AUTOart has a little competition in the supercar class.  That would be LCD Models.  Though were haven’t seen their example of the Pagani Huayra Roadster in the flesh yet, we decided to purchase one just to see what all the fuss is all about.  And if you’re keeping track of the 2020 Model of the Year, you can see the LCD Models version is performing well.  The team will do a full comparison of the two to truly determine what is the better value.

As for the model, the Blue carbon fibre exterior is truly stunning in person.  Much better than we anticipated. And to be honest that’s where the excitement ended.  Under closer inspection, the rear half of the car does show the seams where individual layers of carbon fibre are pieced together.

Fit and finish exterior side is typical AUTOart.  Gaps and shutlines are very good and all major components work to truly present a “transformer” of the model; in the fully open mode, this car is a jewel. But it not perfect, and definitely in our opinion not worthy of the price tag.  Suggested retail in Canada is $444 before tax!

So, how do we go from such high praise to baffled?  It’s little things with the Pagani Huayra Roadster that don’t hold weight.  For one the interior, it looks good from far.  But as recently discussed with a friend AUTOart interior (and we have noted this in the past) has a generic, almost manufactured look.  This is okay for the AUTOart Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody, but something of this stature, it’s not acceptable.

The same follows suit on the motor side.  The moulded carbon fibre that houses the main block is second hand.  Even the exhaust system isn’t up to Pagani’s from a few years back.  Sorry AUTOart, you’re not getting a pass here.  If LCD Models can bring detailed interiors and motors (see review here of the McLaren 600LT); and I believe their Pagani has fully functional suspension too.  You should be just as good if not better.

Folks, we’re not saying the model is horrible, far from it.  It just doesn’t showcase the complete value as they have in years past.  For example, we just received their new AUTOart Nissan Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouette 1982 race car.  This is a re-issue of a similar release.  Now, this is what AUTOart should stand for with every single release.  Attention to details for all elements of the model, exterior and interior-wise.  Are we asking too much?  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Daniel says:

    Seeing what Autoart could do with the exhaust alone on the die cast Huayra, this just smacks of cost cutting whilst inflating prices. I’ve stopped buying, sticking with diecast only, but that’s due to detail, not material. The sense of satisfaction from an Autoart has come to an end for me.

  2. Giorgio262 says:

    Indeed not on par with their older die cast coupe. In the engine compartment in particular, the exhausts look more like Autoart P1 than Autoart Huayra in finish. Also the suspension components look like a cheaper version of the original Autoart release. Not too impressed by the central console or the tunnel with the gearshift assembly. Also the door cards look a bit poor. They used to be very good at making plastic components look like different materials, but not this time, in my opinion.

  3. Atalante says:

    What was supposed to be AUTOart’s strength on this blue roadster, the carbon fiber body turn out to be made with oversized cf pattern with visible seams. Pretty disappointing for the asking price. In the end the LCD Models roadster is just a better model on so many aspects and a better value. Just a no brainer. Finally some real competition coming, watch out AUTOart !

    • Karsten says:

      Well, to be fair, as much as I share the sentiment overall, AA´s carbon fibre patterns have much improved since their much acclaimed (and now vastly expensive) Zonda R. In fact DS felt they needed to insert an arrow to show the issue. So actually, this is the model´s strongest point, as mentioned above. It´s other features (or their omission) that make me reject it. I agree that the LCD is better value for money (and could have been even better value at even less money if they had left the front sealed to avoid the most daunting task about the Huayra, to make three parts meet so well that they form a neat wheelarch; I wouldn´t blame a relative newcomer). But, apologies, it is no alternative for me. I am prepared to pay what AA ask, but not for what they offer!

      • Edib says:

        I have to agree on the Carbon,

        FYI comparing to the diecast Huayra coupe, the area under the wiper is carbon decal on the roadster vs imprinted plastic on the coupe.

        the four buttons on the center dash that I’ve seen compared to the LCD version(which does seem better, though I haven’t seen it in the flesh) are the same as the diecast coupe.

        To sum it off, I feel like it’s both us and Aa that are part of the issue.
        our expectations have risen(and complaints) yet Aa is slipping in it’s own past standards.

  4. Karsten says:

    Thank you very much for this !!! It keeps me from making a huge mistake! I´ve just received the AA and the parcel will remain unopened and will be posted right back to the retailer. The exhaust is a bummer, impertinence towards the collector, as AUTOart did infinitely better on their diecast Huayra back in 2014. They´re not only cutting corners here, they´re going cross-country straight into the ditch! The interior has 1:1 been carried over from the older model, e.g. same centre instruments that are better on the LCD. Tunnel is “good from far, far from good” because it is moulded CF, not decal. But the biggest omission (also carried over from the old Huayra) literally sticks out like a sore thumb: They blatantly deleted the red levers that unlatch the doors. What good is an opening model, when it only reveals short-comings? What you can see on a sealed resin model, including from the engine and exhaust, is better than this opening model. The art is gone from AUTOart!
    There are many things the 100+ cheaper LCD does better, but not perfectly and not all of them. In addition to the transformer fit, they don´t have the straps on the luggage compartments.
    In short, neither of the two has given Pagani´s automotive piece of fine art whose strength is not so much performance but aesthetic attention to detail the treatment in scale that it deserves. Almost Real´s sample at the Nuremberg Toy Fair two years ago was better. So they now can take all the time they want, to refine it and give us the perfect model deserved by the ouvre of Horacio Pagani.

  5. ss19 says:

    I’ll put my few cents into the conversation. In 2008, at the height of the crisis and rising prices, he asked a Chinese about this, to which he replied: “I’d rather go to a factory to make real cars than spend a whole day on this hellish work (making models) for a pittance.” the production of models has a high turnover of personnel, respectively, there are few qualified workers. If earlier the quality of models from premium brands was at a fairly high level, then over the past few years it has dropped dramatically. Many fifteen-year-old models, like new, recently purchased, already have defects in painting and assembly. Yes and the models themselves from year to year, but it becomes simpler, this is precisely because of insufficiently qualified personnel, who can be paid less. And the actual development of models should cost less to reduce production costs.

    • Karsten says:

      It is certainly true that labour costs are on the rise and I don´t suggest we collectors wish to contribute to exploitation of highly skilled artisans making an excellent product. A masterpiece is worth a princely price. But this does not explain everything. As it is, retailers can give huge discounts without being at a loss, so the lion share of what we pay does not go to the workers, but is reaped by others.
      What definitely is food for thought is that
      #1LCD can do better than AA in some areas and translate that into almost half the price of the AA.
      #2 The AA Huayra Roadster is over 100 € more than the BBR Laferrari, so BBR (Sum´s factory? =Almost Real!) can make a more refined product at a lower retail price than AA, although AA has a much higher output and should therefore have lower costs than low volume manufacturers.

      It´s hard to believe that LCD, BBR, Almost Real, etc. have a highly skilled artisan workforce who have no other job opportunities and are exploited while AA increasingly employs unskilled labourers for ever increasing wages. There must be other explanations, given that labour cost is not the lion share of what results in what we are being asked to pay.

      Just compare how much is being asked for the same AA Huayra Roadster on Ebay

      #1 by U.S. sellers
      #2 by Chinese sellers
      #3 by sellers in Europe

      More than 100 € difference and all of them make a profit! The cheapest offers here in Europe seem designed to be the same as if you bought from the U.S., paid shipping and customs+taxes on both! In other words, they could sell at the same price as competition from the U.S., but don´t! The AA Huayra Roadsters deservedly sit like lead on their shelves and are far from being sold out! I believe, prices can and will drop to the same levels as the LCD, maybe below when demand for the LCD surpasses that for the AA.
      And God knows what happens when the Almost Real final comes out! They had their´s ready in 2019 and have kept refining and refining, while AA and LCD rushed their´s into production to get their market share. None of us wants and, quote honestly, can afford all three. So this is designed to have as many collectors buy their Huayra Roadster, before Almost Real release their´s. AA (and LCD) know all the uncertainties that surround Almost Real and make it a tough decision to give everything else the pass and wait for Almost Real. I feel the same. But what I see has strenghtened my resolve to wait for the Almost Real. I´ll either have that or none at all.

      Any real car that is made with attention to detail, refinement, artisanship and above all soul, like Bentley or Horacio Pagani and his team do their cars, deserves the very same treatment in scale, or it else does not translate. Hence the perfect Huayra Roadster is yet to be released. And we can only hope that Almost Real will finally do so and neither disappoint in terms of quality, quality control and fair pricing. Honestly, if they disappoint, it brings me closer to losing hope and stopping to add to my collection.

      • ss19 says:

        LCD – do you know whose sub-brand it is? I do not think so. According to some reports, this is a sub-brand of the Welly company, that receives income from toys, I think everyone knows this well. Models are produced in Kyosho factories, this is also no secret. Kyosho also generates the main income from selling RC-models, not sales diecasts models. In this way, cost savings are achieved. In addition, we expect the prices for these models to rise as the brand progresses, as it has already happened with Almost Real. So forget about old prices, it will only go up.

        • Karsten says:

          Actually, I was not talking about old prices, I am talking about prices right now. The BBR LaFarrari is still cheaper than this AUTOart, the LCD is still cheaper than this AA, prices in the US for this AA are still 100 below what is being asked in Europe, right now as we speak.

  6. Tomcatters says:

    At first, I wanted to wait for this or the green AA. I previously had and compared the Civic FK8 of LCD and AUTOart. Since I got the AA model in a sale for “only” 30 bucks more than the LCD, the winner was clear. AA’s Civic was much “sharper” and refined on details and such. Still, considering their original prices the LCD would probably have been the best in price – quality ratio.

    So for the Huayra Roadster… Well, I got an LCD piece for a good price (around 180$ US) and just took the chance and I gotta say: Damn. I am glad I did that. The interior looks a lot better than the one from AA (mind you, I have only seen it on pictures). But from what I can gather, it looks a lot less plastic-y than the AA version.

    I am curious what your thoughts on the LCD will be, but even if they had the same prices I might say LCD is the better choice. I’d still like to compare both brands in person, but the AA one is just too expensive. Maybe one day I will find one for sale, but… eh.

    • Karsten says:

      “The interior looks a lot better than the one from AA”
      Overall, I agree. But to be fair, the quilting on the seats is better on the AA. The LCD looks rough and edgy like a cheese grater. (Mind you, both only seen in photos).

      • Ipoulo kounoupi says:

        KARSTEN I understand that you want the best model available and doesn’t mind to pay lot of money. I’m with you and I’m the same… but for me the lcd it would be the winner ( best value for money) and IMO the almost real it would be probably at ~500 in Europe so as good as it will be.. and it will be very good, just cannot justifies the price for me as perfect as it is, it will be ~500…. 500+ who knows…
        With all the respect I don’t try to convince you for something it is your money and you can do anything you want… kisses 😚

        • Karsten says:

          Well, certainly not the LCD with it´s poor fit and without carbon paint finish, etc.
          If AR ask too much, I BBR sealed resin for 400€ would be my choice. However, I have the AR on pre-order since 2019 and after the increase AR announced the retailer offered me to buy 300€.

        • DS Team says:

          Hey, play nice in the sandbox. Thanks.

  7. Scenic says:

    Well said DS! Completely agree with your thoughts. Aa is just overpriced and the price difference can’t be justified.

    I have both models and did a comparison. Autoart’s wheels look terribly plasticy. LCD’s wheels look like they are carved from metal and even have valve stems. The daytime running lights look much better on the LCD too. Although I prefer the interior colour of Aa, in terms of attention to details LCD puts Aa to shame!

    One thing LCD missed are the straps that hold down the luggage compartment (in the engine bay). This can be found on Aa. The stance and overall fitment I felt was better on Aa as well. LCD is much better in terms of details. Even if it may not be perfect in terms of fitment, LCD would be my preferred choice!

    • Karsten says:

      I fully agree with your assessment on the models, but would you buy the LCD or wait for Almost Real if you wanted the best Huayra Roadster model?

      • Scenic says:

        I am most likely going to get all 3. I have high hopes for the almost real model but I hope it’s not stupidly expensive. I might eventually get AR Huayras in green and a blue carbon and sell the Aa. The purple Huayra I have is a very unique colour and definitely a keeper. They will be highly sought after models in the future I feel.

        • Karsten says:

          Oh well, that of course is the most comfortable and luxurious solution for the few who have both the space and money.

        • Karsten says:

          But what would do do if you had to make a choice for one?

          • Atalante says:

            I would still suggest to get what is arguably the best Huayra roadster available right now, the LCD while it is cheap and sell it when / if AR releases a much better model.

            I may actually do that as well and I am sure I won’t loose a cent over time and in the meantime enjoy the model I own.

          • Scenic says:

            Autoart is just way too overpriced! If you don’t mind the stance of the LCD and can live with acceptable fit and finish levels go with LCD. Like Atlante said, sell it later if you find AR to be a better model and want to get it. LCD’s Huayra has been gaining a lot of popularity so it would most likely sell.

          • Karsten says:

            Hm, ok, I am considering to buy an LCD for a one-off modification not done by any manufacturer. So it earns its space in addition to the AR … if AR don´t come up with a similar idea.

  8. MIke D says:

    The only good thing about this review are your AWESOME images – Kudos to the DS Team.

  9. Marcel171281 says:

    I will, at some point, add a Huayra Roadster to the collection. Pretty sure I will wait for Almost Real to release theirs. Will need some patience and it won’t be cheap, but I’m pretty sure it will be the best option in the end.

    One thing I am sure off, it won’t be this AA. The interior is to important when buying a roadster, especially light colored interiors. It has to be perfect and AA messed it up.

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