Peako Apollo Intensa Emozione Painted Sample •

Peako Apollo Intensa Emozione Painted Sample

We highlighted the Peako Apollo Intensa Emozione back in March of this year.  This morning the team shares their first painted sample of the 1:18 Apollo Intensa Emozione.  The model is crafted in detailed with resin and sealed-body.  Not sure how popular this model will be, it has a style that only a mother can love.

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  1. Chall says:

    I’m looking forward to it (but don’t have the money for it…). Admittedly, white is the least flattering color for this car. The all carbon and the purple suit this car much better.

    Interesting that this color is the first out of the gate considering that Peako have done a great job on the carbon effects with the Zondas.

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