BBR Production Version Ferrari F12 TdF •

BBR Production Version Ferrari F12 TdF

No, this isn’t your static sealed bit from BBR, here we have the brand coming back to diecast and full opening models.  There first venture back is the Ferrari F12 TdF.  You can see the various images an array of colours and strips are coming.  What we like about the model is the clean exterior fit and finish.  Beautifully detailed in interior and motor.  What don’t we like is why BBR under the amount of scrutiny from us hundreds of collectors would use dog-leg like hinge which dates back to the infancy of 1:18 scale?  And we also won’t like the price LOL.

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13 Responses to "BBR Production Version Ferrari F12 TdF"

  1. Ole Andre says:

    Now i can finally sell my resin version and by this one insted. If the price will not be to crazy ofc,LOL

  2. Ev Salin says:

    It seems that some elements were made by Bburago.

  3. Alex says:

    Why doglegs under the hood and proper struts in the trunk? Weird. And you’d think if they lowered their prices many more people would buy since HWE is gone and all the other alternatives are resin/ridiculously priced $0.02

  4. RYO says:

    So is this what they are charging 300 euros for? Apart from the opening parts, everything looks inferior to its resin counterpart not to mention the doglegs…

  5. Robs model cars says:

    BBR were never going to sell these for much less than the resins, otherwise it would effect the resin sales. So 300 euro with display base is the price, sure it opens, but the thick doglegs look horrible and not acceptable on a 300 euro model. AUTOart can make realistic hinges on a US$160 model, so BBR should not have cut corners by using doglegs. I will be keeping my resin TDF.

  6. PERTHXOTIX says:

    I feel like BBurago has made some elements of this model.

  7. johnhel says:

    Guys it’s cheaper from the resin, the reason is a question. Anyway this is the best model of the tdf so far.I will definitely support bbr on their diecast.We have the power as buyers to support diecast over resin.Just buy diecast when you find one!

  8. Ole Andre says:

    I just checked and the price for this car is 300 dollar

  9. Ishak Muhsin says:

    It’s been made partly by Minichamps

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