In 2015 I announced that I´d give it the pass, but have finally caved in on buying the Bugatti EB110. Not the GT, though, as reviewed HERE, but the Super Sport. To my mind, with the carbon interior it has aged better than the GT´s wood veneer dash (on a Hypercar? Honestly?) and the “holes” design is so special that the Centodieci has picked up the design cue for Bugatti´s anniversary (We wouldn´t mind to that in scale and with 360 degrees access, too). Better wheels on this one, too: not only do I simply like the rims better, but moving with the times the tires now have branding and a valve!  Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Hey Karsten, thank you for supporting the website with another valued addition. This model is sitting by my desk. Though much more expensive than the budget-friendly brand Bburago offered us many years back it does provide the additional refinement I, and many others would appreciate. Thank you Bburago Bugatti, you are now retired!

    • Joao says:

      The Bburago is the “GT” while this is the Super Sport, they’re actually quite diferent. You’d have to compare it with the Maisto “Dauer” EB110 SS. But I get what you’re saying, they’re ball players in two very diferent leagues, it costs 10x more than the Bburago so it has to be darn better refined!!

  2. Bart says:

    That is beautiful. This is a ‘composite’ model, isn’t it? How does it feel compared to the diecast GT? I’m really thinking about adding the silver SS to the blue GT, I like those models so much. And the cars themselves are not necessarily pretty, but something very special all the same.
    Thanks for the pics!

    • Karsten says:

      It is composite, like almost everything from AA these days. Hence all opening parts feel flimsy, particularly scissor doors, so that you constantly fear you will break something. In other words, I rather avoid opening anything, especially scissor doors, as their mechanism will hardly forgive the slightest mistake.

  3. Wes says:

    That engine detail is actually pretty decent

  4. Kostas says:

    Very nice model car and another must have addition to anyone’s collection. My only personal dislike goes to this specific light blue colour, a weird colour that I always thought that does not compliment in any way this supercar. Anyway, not my cup of tea.

    I have the Autoart GT version in dark red and I absolutely love it. I always liked very much the wooden panel touch in the dashboard, as it adds more style in this specific supercar. This might seem absurd to someone and I get it, it is all about personal preference, but in this case we are talking about a crazy niche supercar of the 90’s. Even it’s weird and bespoke rims seem to fit, same premise as the Jaguar’s XJ220 unique rims. It has to be crazy, distinctive and flamboyant as a supercar and we love it exactly for this reason! At the end of the day, it’s a 90’s supercar so everything goes..

  5. George K says:

    That’s a nice looking model. And, Valves on the wheels! One of my pet-peeves!

  6. Atalante says:

    Beautiful model. I much as I like the SS in blue I ordered a yellow SS as I wanted it to stand out next to my blue GT. Can’t wait to receive it.

  7. Atalante says:

    And for those interested by a comparison between the SS and the GT (use Chrome for translation):

    • Bart says:

      Thanks for that comparison. Wow, the two models are quite different! Seems like it’s developed as an entire new model. Even all the lights (including the rear fog light) are slightly different in shape and/or size and/or detailing. Compared to the SS, even the great model that the GT is seems almost simple in execution.

  8. Giorgio262 says:

    I have an EB110 Gt in silver, so I’m not going to buy the SS, but I really like the EB110. I remember the articles back in the early 90’s when it was introduced to the public. Some may not love the styling, but it was really unique, it looked much more modern than the contemporary Diablo and it was quite a technical tour de force being the 1st model for the newborn new Bugatti, with its 4 wheel drive sytem, electronic suspensions, quad turbo v12 engine, and the collaboration with French aviation company Aerospatiale, if I remember correctly for some special materials and components. The Gt was supposed to be the Gentleman’s supercar, a slightly different approach to the mid-engined supercar recipe of that era. Plush leather and fine wood trim were not out of place in that car. As for the wheel designs, they were both inspired by classic Bugatti designs of the 30’s, albeit those on the SS being more sporty. Too bad unlike on the SS, Autoart didn’t enboss the brand logo on the wheels on the Gt, same goes for the valve, which given, the corner cutting on previous composite models by Autoart is quite a surprising presence on the SS. That said the GT has a few extra special bits like the retractable wing and the opening side vents in the B-pillars. And with a fine brush and a bit of black acrylic paint, one can paint the bottom of the air intakes behind the top of the doors, just below the B-pillars and the side of the headlight clusters, which Autoart did right on the SS. Back in the day the EB110 was around 3 times more expensive than the equivalent offerings from Ferrari and Lamborghini, that too was quite impressive

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