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A salute to the iconic first-gen, this Mark II version of Ford GT comes via GT Spirit.  This circuit version only, not yet street approved is a nod to the GT40 Le Man’s history. The stunning graphic work alongside 700+ ponies is some of the special treatments, quite impressive for the V6 Ford EcoBoost powerplant!  A rare production model too, only 45 were made.  Can you say collector piece!

As for the model, typical GT Spirit.  This resin and static body manufacturer has been playing in the mid-level replica game for a number of years now.   Overall the lines and shape of the second-generation car are on point.  Perforated grilles are part of the package for the most part, though there is an exception of the front upper cooling intakes.  Admirable appointment of the exterior decals and wheel work looks terrific in person.  And we have some, but not enough engine detail, though some of the internal and exhaust bits are seen from the rear – see trailing photos for more.  Enjoy the pics!

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4 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Ford GT Mk.2"

  1. kenneybee says:

    The music sucks

  2. Steven Weiner says:

    I bought this model a couple of months ago. Although it’s a great looking car, I’m disappointed in the quality. It arrived with one of the screens over one of the hood’s air intakes missing. I sent it back to the vendor for an even exchange and received another one. The front windshield is soft and thin, more so than LESS expensive brand cars I have. When I touched the rear spoiler lightly, 3 different parts fell off — very poor glue quality. I therefore wouldn’t buy this brand again!

    • DS Team says:

      That’s very frustrating… We’ve seen a lot of GTS over the years, and though not all were perfect, most arrived fine.

      “The front windshield is soft and thin”

      Typical of resin and sealed.

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